Lois Lane or Wonder Woman?


Who does Clark belong with?  

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We all know how much Clark Kent loves Lois Lane, but we also know that he harbors deep feelings for Diana (Wonder Woman). However, his love for Lois is so strong that he was able to last 1000 years without having relations with Diana. (They were fighting a war in another dimension.) But that doesn't mean he hasn't kissed her, or even hides his feelings.

But, if it were up to you, who would he be with: Lois or Diana?

(Since this isn't a fight, I felt it was better suited for this forum rather than Versus.)

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Wonder woman, it just seems more natural, them both being super humans. Plus Lois Lane has always annoyed me for some reason, I guess her character never made me feel for her. Add the fact that you know Wonder Woman is probably crazy in the bedroom, considering the lasso, and she is all but a lock as my answer.

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