Episode 262


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"Am I the meanest? Sho'nuff! Am I the prettiest? Sho'nuff! Am I the baddest mofo lowdown around this town? Sho'nuff! Well who am I? Sho'nuff! Who am I? Sho'nuff! I can't hear you! Sho'nuff... the Shogun of Harlem!" Oh yeah, we're talking about The Last Dragon! [ 1:30:03 || 41.2 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_262.mp3

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So, I had to wait until I could find/watch the movie before I listened to this episode. The movie is so 80s and so awesomely cheesy. The movie made me laugh so many times. I loved every minute and Sho'nuff is like seventeen different kinds of awesome. I do have to admit that when he first appears I was so getting a Booker T vibe. Nice to hear that I am not alone in that. Plus a big wtf moment when William H. Macy shows up. Really random. I also loved the Johnny character; the idiot sidekick was pulled off really well.

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