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So, in the new Super Sentai, Koryuger, the rangers' morpher is a revolver. Its gimmick is that the rangers load batteries into it like bullets and fire the gun to do everything from morph to activate their mecha and weapons.


It's actually really neat, but I have to imagine it's going to be very hard to sell that in America when they finally adapt it for Power Rangers.

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So instead of moving onto Time Force, I instead went back and watched random episodes from past seasons. Random observations are as follows.

MMPR Season 1

- Tommy loses his powers and stops hanging out with his friends. So either, he has bad friends that do no recognize his depression or he is a bit of a dick.

- Lokar was under used. He was scary looking for a big blue floating head.

- The original Megazord is still the best. You know why? He guts Dragonzord and wears him as a hat when you piss him off.

MMPR Season 2

- I can never watch this season again. Once I realized the clever (or completely horrible) editing they did, it was ruined.

- Aisha may be my least favorite Ranger. Yes, worse than Justin.

MMPR Season 3

- I know it is obvious to the sighted community, but they look old. Billy is the worst, as he looks like a 30 year old high school student.


- Rocky got stupid. I think I said this before, but he ate a big bowl of stupid flakes during this season.


- This Megazord has an awesome finisher & pose.

- I think this would have played better had Alpha 5/Zordon not left. Dimitria/Alpha 6 are garbage. Also, when they transition into PRiS they can show Zordon being captured (which really never made much sense) and still change the voice of Alpha 5. This gives the eventual Space Rangers more of a reason to find Zordon.


- Still awesome.

Lost Galaxy

- Trakeena does got thru a very well done story-arch. Not quite Astronema, but closer than I originally thought.

- Speaking of Karone, I don't know if this was intentional or if I am reading too much into things (I am. Clearly.), but her attire is an interesting choice. She is good now, but still dresses in black (p)leather. This could be a way of showing that even tho she is no longer evil, her time being evil has effected her. Or, you are only allowed one outfit on Terra Venture. Because you know weight being an issue. Can't have a closet full of clothes, we need to send mountains thru space.

- And, Terra Venture is still stupid.

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There's various reports about the whole thing. There are around 8-10 confirmed returning ranger actors, with another 8-10 or so that say they have been approached, but turned it down because of either money (Saban would pay them basically enough money to fly themselves to New Zealand and pay their expenses while there) or because of some other undisclosed reason. Something about Saban not keeping their promises to the less important actors.

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To me, there are only three reunions that I want to see: the original 6, everyone or one ranger from each era. The original 6 cannot happen for obvious reasons. Having every ranger there is just not practical. I think as long as you get every era represented it will work well enough.

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Thus far, these are the people coming back:


It seems like they're trying to get as many red rangers as they possibly can. Thus far they have around 40% of them.

Not really sure why they have three Lost Galaxy rangers in there, but I'm really happy they're getting Carter from Lightspeed Rescue and Wes from Time Force in there, as they're two of my favorites. Casey from Jungle Fury should be interesting, as he was set up in JF with a deliberate character arc, starting as basically a child. Maybe he'll be a mature kung fu master now; that'd be cool.

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More info on how it was handled:

This is an excerpt from the initial "invite" email sent out to Power Rangers actors:

We had been entertaining the possibility of past Rangers joining us for the longest time and didn't think it was possible to do. Due to so many requests from a number of past Rangers (as well as an overwhelming amount of requests from the fans, too!) we, as a production, talked it over and agree that it is a fabulous idea that we would like to make happen. This is also a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all of the loyal fans and thank them for their support over 20 years. We want this to happen and we want as many of you as possible over here with us!!

Next comes the nitty-gritty of organizing such a task. The unfortunate reality is that including past Rangers was not part of our original budget. In order to include as many of you as possible in this shoot, we do not have massive funds at the individual level to offer each of you. We do hope that you bear this in mind as you consider our offer.

Your travel would depart LA on approx: May 22nd to arrive in NZ on May 24th, this day would be for fittings, then filming would take place on May 25th and 26th. May 27th would be a sightseeing day that we will organize, with your flight departing that evening

Please consider what this would mean to the fans to have so many past Rangers together in the same place at the same time.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and the current Rangers and crew here would all be honored to have you join us for this special 20th anniversary. We will try our best for sunny weather while you're here, too!

We truly wish that we were able to offer you more, and we hope that you will still consider this opportunity to join us as a Ranger once again.

It would be tremendous to welcome you here.

And this was the "uninvite" email sent out to many of the actors later:

Dear Power Ranger,

Thank you for your patience while we have been organizing our anniversary episode and sorting out the details of cameo appearances by past Rangers. It is quite a massive undertaking, as you can imagine.

We were genuinely overwhelmed (and overjoyed!) to have had such enthusiastic responses to our request to you as to which of you would be available and interested to join us in New Zealand for the filming of our anniversary episode. After 20 years of Power Rangers, it is clear to see what this show means to the fans, but it is also quite an honor to hear what this show has meant to you, our Rangers.

Therefore it is with tremendous heartbreak that we have to tell you that due to the immense number of positive response to our inquiry to you all, we are not able to bring all of you to New Zealand to join us for the anniversary. Please understand that this is strictly a budgetary restraint, as we truly wish we were able to accommodate all of you in this celebration.

There were so many of you who said yes, honestly there were many more than we ever anticipated. It is a hard decision and disappointing for us all. There were so many more candidates than we were prepared for.

Due to the great response, we hope that sometime in the future we may be able to do another event and welcome you back as a Ranger. We wish you all the best for future success.

Please stay in touch!

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I don't really think you can judge a Lionsgate Power Rangers movie by the precedent set by the Saban of the mid-90s. Those movies literally were barely even done on what could be considered a professional level. This has a legitimate chance of not being terrible.

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I'd love to see a serious take on the middle-aged Power Rangers coping with life without power, living in the shadow of their super-powered teenage selves until they are called back to the aid of a dying Zordon by a beaten and sparking Alpha after being warned of the return of Lord Zed - hell bent on revenge. Shape-shifting Putties start inhabiting Angel Grove in the forms that they recall: the 90s. Thrown back into their golden age the newly reformed Power Rangers must learn to over come their demons in order to bring Angel Grove back into 2014.

All the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers cast return as the original rangers - including the controversial black and yellow rangers, and Billy who accused the whole show as being homophobic.

Al Pacino stars as Lord Zed - Twisted from his years of imprisonment: a tortured leader obsessed with reclaiming his throne.

Kim Kardashian as Rita Repulsa - Awoken as if nothing has changed but this time with the power to both make her evil monsters grow and shrink.

Morgan Freeman as Zordon - Who else?

Sean Penn as Alpha - Still annoying as fuck. No longer says 'Ayeayeaye' but has been reprogrammed to say 'Mountain Dew'

Val Kilmer as Mega-Zord - Cruelly over looked for years, this is surely Kilmer's break out role as a motion capture master.

Jim Carrey as a Giant Crab - Cast to compliment Kilmer after their electrifying chemistry on the set of 'Batman Forever'

Tenacious D as Bulk and Skull - ...come on this would be brilliant

I submit: the greatest ensemble cast in the first film to win every single Oscar in one year, including Best Foreign film and Best Short Film - there will be a proper length film and a half an hour edit in Flemish.

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Here's the thing. This is a nostalgia cashin. Pure and simple. We have had few good nostalgia cashins. Most are there to appeal to kids who grew up in the mid-90s. If it's fun and made by people who care about the property, kudos. If it's made by someone who could care less, we get Transformers.

Regardless, unless Bulk and Skull are in it, I'm not buying it.

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