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Back when cartoons were awesome.

Cartoons today are still pretty good. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Batman: The Brave & The Bold are all stand outs.

Regular Show and Archer are awesome too. And Phineas & Ferb and The Amazing World of Gumball are pretty inventive and fun, even if though they're definitely for a younger audience.

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A friend and I used to break into Cold Slither randomly at work. Yeah, we are in our 30s.

Yeah, same here.

We're Cold Slither, you'll be joining us soon!

A band of vipers, playing our tune!

With an iron fist, and a reptile's hiss

We shall rule!

We're tired of words, we've heard it before!

We ain't gonna play the game no more!

That was from memory.

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Haven't posted on Earth-2 in a while, so this seems like the place to start. I'm currently watching...

Game of Thrones- One of my favourite new shows of the past few years. The ending to episode 9 leading into the finale was jaw-dropping.

Batman Beyond- I've been going through the DCAU show by show, and after some of the banality of Superman TAS this is a lot more enjoyable. Chris Sims at Comics Alliance pointed out that it's essentially Spider-Man in a batsuit bantering with Bruce Wayne. Good stuff, on the 2nd series now.

Battlestar Galatica- Been very slowly watching this with a friend, now finally onto the 4th series. There's nothing about this show I could say that hasn't been said already, but I can only hope they've dispelled with the brain-destroying filler episodes that almost made me stop watching through seasons 2-3. Oh, we've ran out of ideas for this season, let's just do a boxing episode.

Various bits of pro-wrestling; Just finished RoH in 2002, might start watching 2003 if I can stop myself from being distracted by various PWG and NOAH shows.

Got Sherlock lined up, although the episode times seem a little daunting.

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Don't mess with the Zohan: How many unfunny dick, and sex jokes can Adam Sandler put in a movie? About 300. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't very good either. It also made me realise that Kevin James is not funny, and incredibly annoying in anything he does. Even in a two minute cameo, he was easily the most annoying part of the film.

Seven: Kevin Spacey never disappoints. He was easily the best part of the film. Morgan Freeman was really good, and Brad Pitt, really just ruined the final ten minutes of the film, he was great through most of the film, then in the final ten minutes, he just completely forgets how to act, and just goes over the top and gives a hammy performance for no particular reason.

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I just finished Sucker Punch. I really enjoyed it even though I knew how it would end 10 minutes into it.

I also watched Get Him to the Greek last night and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I thought for sure he was going to die at the end, but no they went with the predictable happy ending.

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Transporter 2: Enjoyable, though it just kind of falls apart at the ending and just says "Fuck it! The end!"

The last boy scout: Everyone apart from Bruce Willis was fucking awful in this. The daughter needs special attention, as she was just horrible. She went from go fuck yourself dad, to daddy I love you, in about ten seconds. It was alright, but nothing special.

Muppets take Manhattan: Really fun. I enjoyed it a lot, and can't wait to watch more of the Muppet movies. The advertising frogs that Kermit befriends are easily my favourite characters in the film.

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I never got around to watching Torchwood. I just started streaming on Netflix and I'm already blown away.

Children of Earth, yes? The first 2 series are a mixed bag to say the least.

Inception: The first DVD I was sent during my Lovefilm trial, as I've not seen the film before. Loved it - without overtly brown-nosing Nolan, it made for a compelling film. In that the standout performances came from Tom Hardy as Eames and Marion Cotilliard's almost terrifying Mal, it has added to my anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises has increased tenfold (in addition to Joseph Gordon Levitt). And in that the cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Sir Michael Caine (admittedly as a cameo), Ken Watanabe and to a certain extent Ellen Page, that's high praise indeed!

Sherlock: I was only sent the first disc so I haven't seen the 3rd episode of the series, but I adored this. I haven't seen Benedict Cumberbatch act in anything - I was probably put off by the sheer absurdity of his name - but he makes a brilliant lead, whilst Martin Freeman tunes his everyman schtick to Watson brilliantly. In that I'm a massive fan of House, which also draws from the Holmes mythology, I do find some of the beats to be similar. That being said, the writing has been good enough that I don't see Hugh Laurie & Robert Sean Leonard in those roles here.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: As I've just been saying in chat, the film is good fun as long as you can get over how odious the title character is (and even then, he does have an arc of character progression). I particularly loved Cameron the best friend and the location shooting now that I've been to Chicago, but there are 2 things about the film that are troublesome when watching in 2011. 1) Charlie Sheen's character is a guy that's in legal trouble because of taking drugs. 2) Jeffrey Jones, who has been found guilty of possessing child pornography, plays a principal who is made to look like he's inappropriately harrassing teenage girls in his pursuit of Ferris on more than one occasion.

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