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So the Punisher season 2 finale is a piece of work. It's almost essentially 50-odd minutes fight scenes and killing. It's what one expects of Punisher. That said, it feels a lot more like an edgy Person of Interest spinoff (which I thought in season one, but season two quickly and shortly introduces a white supremacist character played by a main actor from POI). I'm not a super macho nut job, but Punisher DOES NOT CRY. Punisher DOES NOT BANG SINGLE MOMS. Punisher is NOT HAUNTED BY BAD DREAMS. This show gets so much of the character wrong, but it does because it's nigh-impossible to do a 13 episode season of a character who is built solely for movies. That all said: Billy Russo is one of the MCU's best villains. To refrain from spoilers, I just wish he looked different in season two. Oh yeah, I feel like it isn't a spoiler to say that the final image and dedication of the finale made me laugh out loud. It's the most crazy-ass looking Punisher moment of the entire series. Just Punisher gunning dudes down and giving a war cry (I also don't think Punisher gives a war cry). Cut to black screen: "In Loving Memory of Stan Lee." Fucking hilarious.


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I only watched season 1, but it seemed evident to me that they fell into a narrative trap with the Punisher in adapting him for a show. Because he cannot be an admirable protagonist in an ongoing narrative such as television. In movies and comic books, you can warp and construe the focus in ways where he doesn't come off as frightening as the very idea of him objectively is. The modern Punisher dresses up like a school shooter for God's sake. So at the end of season 1 where he's going to therapy and seeking help, it's a noble thing for him to do...but it's not the Punisher. He's a serial killer for bad guys, end of story.

They didn't help themselves with that NRA porno intro either.

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So, I've since watched the first three seasons of SLASHER on Netflix (season 4 debuting now on Shudder but for some reason I can't access the videos).

I've rewatched all of SEINFELD. It doesn't entirely hold up, but it is basically a snapshot of the 90s. That all said: Dreyfus, Alexander and Richards are three of the greatest comedic actors of all-time. They're amazing on that show.

I watched season two of Making a Murderer. I don't know exactly what to think, but I do know that if I'm ever imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit, I'd want Zellner helping me. Let's not fool anybody, if I go to jail it's because I definitely did the crime.

I also watched all of Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. which was delightfully stupid. One of my favourite Marvel shows. Maybe the best of all the Disney ones.

What If? is something I'm watching as it releases and I have enjoyed each episode to a degree, but I haven't seen anything that really captures the spirit of WI? yet.

I think that catches me up on everything.

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The scene with Punisher and the single mom is wasted screen time. She never comes back, and he barely cares enough to check on her. She is there purely to be part of the "women in refrigerators" trope.

But I can totally see the Punisher crying and being haunted by nightmares. Anyone would be, if his/her family died like that. I think it adds to the depth and complexity of the character.

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