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When Kurt Busiek was writing The Avengers, I fell in love with Ms. Marvel. She was a complex character I could get behind, and I thought it was a shame she wasn't given her own series back then. Had Busiek written it, I have no doubt it could have ran for several years, but Marvel dropped the ball there. Now that they've tried to pick it back up, I'm less impressed. The Ms. Marvel Bendis writes in Mighty and New Avengers is okay, but she's nowhere near as real as Busiek's. And Brian Reed's version is worse; she never feels important in her own book, and the stories are a bit lackluster. So the fact that she takes a backseat to Spider-Man in the annual isn't at all a surprise.

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Busiek's Ms. Marvel/Warbird was an outstanding character. If Busiek were anywhere near this book, then it would be outstanding, and Marvel would finally have the major female character they've been trying to have for years. Bendis is only interested in having her be an interesting supporting character, and Reed just isn't up to it.

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