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Spoiler Tag just in case someone is going to watch it not live.

The Hogan/Austin/Rock bit to start was a little long, but something I can live with.

HHH/Bryan felt slow. I was decent, but I think could have been better if they were not saving Bryan for latter.

The Shield match was just sad. The 2nd hottest act of the past year and they get a 2 minute squash. Yeah, Double-Triple Powerbomb was cool, but doesn't take away that they deserved better.

The battle royal was hard to follow at times and I think more than 30 people were in it. Cesaro lifting Big Show will be a highlight video moment for sure.

Cena/Wyatt was an excellent story until the end. The match was alright, but this was all story. The crowd was awesome with their singing.

Undertaker/Lesnar as shit start to finish. As I told Will, the loss was just shit sauce on the crap burrito. Slow, awkward and terrible booking.

Heh, Divas. They tried. They did. But in a match that was always going to be the buffer match/clusterfuck/bathroom run, going after Taker losing was never going to end well.

Bryan/Orton/Batista - Felt weird to start until the HHH interference. They went all out to stack the deck against Bryan, and maybe a little too far. The stretcher is a bit much for me (and could never top Foley). The nearfalls at the end all were believable and they actually did the logical thing. Now it is all about follow thru. This should not be treated like Mysterio winning at XXII.

All in all, an average show leaning downward. It never felt like Mania. And just thinking about it, there was nothing here I would call an excellent match. I guess the main event was the MOTN, but that is not really saying anything.

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Going to have to differ here Prof. I thought this was a phenomenal show. All the matches were good, even the Divas match was well put together with an awesome finish. Nothing felt like a placeholder, there was no time wasted on the show. From the opening promo to the final match I was entertained. They even restricted the live music to standard entrance themes, no bullshit Kid Rock concert or anything. None of the matches were Taker/Michaels quality but all the big matches were 4 stars or more and the stuff like the battle royale or 6 man was completely inoffensive with some strong highlights. This is right up there on my best Manias list.

Plus with this being an indoor arena the place looked amazing and the crowd could play a huge factor in the show.

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None of the matches were Taker/Michaels quality but all the big matches were 4 stars or more.

I changed my mind and Cena/Wyatt has the best match. And I can see other matches being viewed higher than me as I do think I went into this show hating on it.

But I cannot for the life of me see how Lesnar/Taker was good. Start to finish it was just awkward, had little crowd heat and was just tough to watch.

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The Hogan/Austin/Rock: Bloody loved it
HHH/Bryan: HHH is a bloody brilliant heel - made later events more worthwhile. Also, why has Triple H stolen the Crippler Crossface??
The Shield/Kane & New Age Outlaws: Why does Kane suck now? Over in minutes showcasing nothing
Battle royal: Good fun if a little tricky to keep track of
Cena/Wyatt: Great match - Wyatt is bloody creepy and Cena sold it all.

The match that made a grown woman cry and two men vow to never watch again.

Slow. RIP
Divas: Bouncy
Bryan/Orton/Batista: Maybe a tad obvious but I enjoyed it

Good to have a big uplift but I think the Undertaker losing ruined it for many.

I don't quite see it myself - 95% is still damn good

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Pretty good reset post-Mania edition of RAW. I actually watched this live for the crowd, which didn't seem as 'bizzaro' as last year. Then again, there was no 20 minute Orton/Sheamus match to entertain themselves with. Two things tho:

- They not only hit, but slammed the nXt button tonight. Rusev & Paige 'debuting', vid packages for Bo Dallas and Adam Rose. Just seems like a lot at once and a little soon in the case of Rose (I love the gimmick, but he has made two appearances on nXt. Time is his friend.)

- I have no idea what they are doing with Cesaro. He clearly turned face at Mania, but then to align him with Heyman seems awkward and confuses me greatly.

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The entire things seems overstated, if loosing 350 million is something that can be overstated.

The 'horrible' TV deal that they got is only labeled such because Vince claimed he could 'double or triple' the rights fees. Without that, the stock wouldn't have rose so high and the fall wouldn't have been as bad. As I understand it, they did increase their rights fees. Their problem was thinking they would be considered as a live sport (which are the only things that are DVR proof. WWE is not.)

Not saying everything is sunshine and puppy dogs. The Network numbers are a worry. I think they have 650K-ish subscribers at the moment. The break even point just moved to 1.4 mil. They will get a boost when it is available outside of the US, but it sounds like it is incredibly easy to get around the geo-blocking. I haven't bought the network (because I do not like the fact you have to buy 6 months at once), but I have not heard anything but good things.

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