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Realistically, I expect a big Braun win or a screwy finish that ends up in a Survivor Series tournament, (oddly enough on the ten year anniversary of the same thing happening at Survivor Series ‘98.).

In the case of the tourney, I see Balor or McIntyre taking it. (Maybe, MAYBE heel Lashley.) But I honestly hope they put the belt on Braun and keep him face. 

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On 10/19/2018 at 3:36 PM, The Master said:

Thanks to Hulu I think I'm gonna give NXT a try. Is there anyone I should be paying attention to?

I tried to apply this a lot when I did my TEW booking videos, but NXT has always been really good at putting forth the idea that everyone is good at something and that everyone on the card has a purpose.  The weekly show is basic almost to a fault, but it makes the Takeovers that much better since they use simple, logical booking.  I'd almost recommend going back to around the Nakamura era and starting from there, since you'll see the best of a lot of guys that are being wasted on the main roster now, and you'll also get context for all of the current Ciampa/Gargano stuff.

NXT and the Mae Young tournament are literally the only WWE thing I watch anymore.  The rest of my wrestling time is spent on UK and Japanese women's feds, which are amazing.

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On 10/24/2018 at 10:55 AM, Preston said:

If you hear the sound of black helicopters coming at you from Stamford, CT, get to the basement.  

I'm just glad Linda McMahon is in the Small Business Administration and not the Department of Defense.

Also great to see @D.W. post again.

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Okay. I know I’m all pissed off about Crown Jewel, but I finally caught this weeks’ NXT and I gotta give it props. 

The slow burn heel turn they’ve pulled with Gargano is so brilliant. Like the very act of feuding with Ciampa has tarnished his soul.  Just great booking.

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It’s been subtly hinted at, but:


Look at Gargano’s attire at Brooklyn IV. I thought it was a a cute Finn Balor reference. It’s not. Venom is literally overwhelming the usual red and blue of his Spidey attire. 

He’s being corrupted by fighting Ciampa.



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Didn't seem to have the time to watch the Mae Young Classic semi-finals.  Also, had the winners spoiled way before the tournament aired, which always makes my interest go down.

But holy hell, I love Meiko Satomura.  Thought I had never seen her before this tournament, but turns out I had in a Chikara trios tournament.  I need to see more of her kicking people and being awesome. 

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