Knight Rider 2008 TeleFilm DVD back on track

Guest TFG1Mike

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Guest DCAUFan1051

at first the telefilm dvd was cancelled in hopes of it being on the KR2008 Series Season 1 DVD according to www.tvshowsondvd that isn't the case now please click the link to see the full story you can get it for free with purchase of select NBCTVDVD's!!!! while supplies last :holyshit:

wooohoooooooo finally I can delete it from my DVR I'm going today to get it!!!!!! :urock: :biglaugh: :smilewinkgrin::yes:

EDIT: forgot to add the link lmao here it is

I just got back from FYE got Law & Order SVU The First Year and the FREE KR2008 movie gonna watch it now

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