What Podcasts are You Listening To?

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So I finally got around to listening to a few episodes of Radiolab today, months after having it recommended to me, and so far I think it’s brilliant. I can’t say I’ve listened to many science-related podcasts before, but everything about it seems so right. The episodes are fairly short (20-30min), there’s a quirkiness to how everything is explained, but it’s still straight to the point. I love how they use sound effects behind regular conversations to explain things; really the editing in general is almost perfect.

It’s easily become one of my favourite podcasts.

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Well, since WFP is the only E-2 podcast I listen to on a regular basis, here are the others.



Radio KAL

Doctor Who Podshock

Darker Projects/Brokensea Doctor Who

Pendant Productions Superman/Supergirl/Batman/Wonder Woman/Indiana Jones/Star Wars/Shakespeare

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

Johnny Cash Radio

Beyond Reality Radio

WZRD/Atriumcast Wizard Rock podcasts

Old time radio horror/sci-fi/Sherlock Holmes/Batman/Superman/The Shadow

Ghost Chronicles/Hometown Tales/Haunted NJ

I think that's all of them.

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Other than E-2, you say...

Better in the Dark

Adventures of Indiana Jim

Break a Leg (weekly sitcom)

DWO Whocast

Doctor Who Podshock

Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Radio Daily

The Geek Spin

Geekshow Presents: Geek By Night (audio drama)

Geekshow Presents: Geekintertainment (Get better, Randy!)

Geekshow Presents: Two Geeks, a Mic and a Podcast

I Should be Writing

Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas

Make it So

Movies You Should See

Onion News Network


Requiem of the Outcast

Slice of Sci Fi

The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

The Uncanny X-Cast

And that's after doing a fairly massive purge. I don't know where I find the time, honestly.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
And that's after doing a fairly massive purge. I don't know where I find the time, honestly.

seems to me you like a lot of "geek" podcasts you should try This Week In Geek it's wayyy cool.


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I'm totally addicted to Distorted View now. Totally my kind of thing.

Ha! Me too.

Funny how we can never agree on comic books, but getting raped by a monster made of Cheerios is somehow a universal language.

True dat!

If you like DV, check out Nobody Liikes Onions. Much funnier, just as offensive.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
TFWIRE: Transformers Week In Review

It was good until Jesse left

nah it's completely sunk even when jesse comes back every once in a while I've almost stopped listening to it

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Guest DCAUFan1051

arrrrgh I'm trying DC Animation Commentaries Podcast and I'm about to delete this BS the host is reading to many wrong things into the show......and he basically puts words into the creators mouths fuck this podcast!!!

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Views From The Longbox

Good "history of the genre" talk, with some current stuff mixed in. Seems like the host has been going through a "mid-life crisis" in terms of his comic book fandom though.

Geek Out Loud Podcast

Great fun show that takes a pleasurable look at comic books, movies, TV and such. Basically saying that this should be fun, and not all whiny and complaining about what you don't like all the time.

Reel Podcast

A new startup film news and reviews podcast.

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