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Huuuuuuuuuuge Year Bump, but I gotta share this:

The Tom Barnard Podcast: Tom Barnard has been doing a morning radio show in Minneapolis for 25 years, which is basically unheard of. This is him, his wife, son and daughter, talking to comedians. It's such a cool, casual show. Barnard has been my hero for years and this only further cements this. Episode #6 with Guest Mike Gelfand might be one of the funniest things ever.

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The Batman Universe Podcast(s)-All Batman/ All the time

Batgirl to Oracle: the Barbara Gordon Podcast-comparison between the Silver/Bronze Age Babs Gordon Stories and the Modern Stories

Bigger on the Inside

Comic Geek Speak (occasonally, not every week)

Comic Timing- Guys up in New York dish about comics

Earth-2.net o'course

Fatman on Batman -Kevin Smith's Batman show where he interviews people like Paul Dini, Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy and so on. It's an excellent, excellent show.

Kanzenshuu-the Podcast- the best Dragon Ball podcast out there, unfortunately for me : p

Views from the Longbox-Michael Bailey's solo comic podcast

The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast

Spider-Man Crawlspace

The ones in bold are cheats since I co-host those.

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Various Earth-2.net podcasts

Comic Geek Speak (depending on the topic at hand)

Smodcast - I mainly love the live shows they do.

Fat man on Batman - Fantastic interviews with people who love working with that character. I would love to hear more about writers and artists, but what I have is awesome.

Lupin Has 3 Jackets - Enjoyable discussion about Lupin from people who have a deep love for the show. It is also the only currently running Lupin III podcast (that I am aware of)

Breaking Good - The best show about Breaking Bad that delves into the spoiler and fan speculation of BB.

The Ones Who Knock - The best show for the analytical discussion of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Insider - Hosted by the people who make the show. Very interesting to listen to.

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Let's See:

Dread Media

Dropped D (when not on hiatus, naturally)

Earth-2.net: The Show

For Better or Worse

Big Damn Heroes

For Your Ears Only (I was watching the films as I went. Stopped, but will return later.)

Uncanny X-Cast (When they choose to update)

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

The MMA Report

And the daily list of:

Around the Horn

Pardon the Interuption

Fantasy Focus Baseball

Scott Van Pelt Show

Fantasy Focus Football


Live Audio Wrestling

The Common Man & The Torg (Local Sports Guys)

All of the sports podcast are really only listened to while at work. Need something PG because I am not allowed to wear headphones anymore, but can have a docking station. If not for that, I would probably drop them in, save maybe the SVP show. I do love me some SVP show.

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So, next month I'm going to visit the family in Montana. As per usual, this means that I'm not listening to any podcasts for two weeks before so I can have plenty to listen to in addition to bringing along quite a few books to read. This is mainly due to a lack of/shitty internet connections while I'm there. Now, getting to the point, in addition to anything that pops up in the two weeks prior to leaving, I also will usually listen to podcasts that I missed prior to when I joined the site in 2009. Right now I'm debating on my usual going through the back-catalog like I usually do or if I just want to try to plow through the Countdown Episodes of Earth-2.net The Show. Give me opinions one way or the other, and suggestions for that matter.

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Give me opinions one way or the other, and suggestions for that matter.

If you don't already listen, give the Nerdist a shot. Even if you don't know/care about the guest, or there IS no guest, Hardwick is a quick, funny, enthusiastic interviewer who is clearly having a ball.

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I only listen to the Nerdist episodes with a guest, and even then, only a guest I'm interested in. I find that Hardwick reaches so hard to find a laugh. It's tons of dick jokes and nerd jokes that only a few people will ever find funny. And he inserts "hastag" into conversation which makes me want to kill him.

Check out these for funny, interesting conversations:

You Made it Weird w/ Pete Holmes

Todd Glass Show

And for regular good laughs:

Pod F. Tompkast

Comedy Bang Bang

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Looking for 2 recommendations .

For my girlfriend, a music podcast based in the UK. She loves All Songs Considered with Bob Oilen from NPR, but none of the BBC ones have really appealed to her, so if anyone has some suggestions, that would be great.

I'd also love an NFL one that only goes for 30-40 minutes or so.

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I've flitted between NFL podcasts (Eisen, Dameshek, Coaches, Inside the Huddle etc) and settled on Around The League. It's a bunch of underlings from the NFL offices who actually just want to talk football and not bog the show down in regular guests or extra nonsense. Plus they're good about producing a pre and post games show. Average episode length is 30-50 minutes. If you find something more suitable yourself let me know, I'm always interested in new POV's on the NFL, helps my learning curve.

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While not straight NFL, I'd suggest ESPN Fantasy Focus Football. Yes, it slanted toward fantasy football analysis, but it does help expand knowledge of the league in general. You get more talk about the players who are not the superstars, so it will expand your player awareness. It is 35-55 minutes in general and can be quite funny as well. Monday, Tuesday and Friday show are the most informative; Wednesday and Thursday are more nonsense and witty repartee.

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After listening to an episode on the way back from Florida on NPR, I have become addicted to "Wait! Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Funny and informative at the same time.

When i drove from Florida I was entertained by "Wait Wait... Don't Tell me!" and "Welcome to Nightvale."

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Since it's on a late summer hiatus, now is a good time to get caught up on You Must Remember This. A podcast focusing on the first century of Hollywood, host Karina Longworth has so far done episodes ranging from the life of Val Lewton to Frank Sinatra's album Trilogy to Isabella Rosselini in the 1990s. Right now she's alternating between episodes on Hollywood in 1938 and ones focusing on women who were at some point romantically involved with Howard Hughes.

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Rachel Edidin (Wired, ComicsAlliance) and her partner have started Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, which attempts to make some sense of the X-Men's goofy continuity. They're only just now up to the Paul Smith years, so the continuity hasn't even begun to get fucked up, but they're very funny and know their stuff.

Thank you for recommending this to me. I have always been too overwhelmed with X-men continuity to know where to start.

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History Extra. Run by BBC History Magazine. Even more focused on English history than you'd expect (especially in past two years with the discovery of Richard III and the World War I centennial) but with extremely fascinating interviews of experts. The most recent episode came out today and was on James Bond and Vichy France, but past topics include the world's largest Viking ship, JFK's sex life, and jujitsu-wielding suffragettes to name just a few.

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Of late, I've really got into Talk Is Jericho. Given the wrestling persona, and his dabbling in radio before, parts of it can come off as slightly obnoxious and his advert readings really slow the show down. But ultimately I forgive it on the basis that he's Chris Jericho. More than that, he's a very competent interviewer and he's talked with a fair few luminaries of wrestling and rock. And Snooki, but then I've chosen to skip that one for the time being.

I'm aware that it's on the same network that hosts podcasts done by Steve Austin and JR, so I might give a couple of those a try.

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If you find the adverts annoying, it will get worse because all the Podcast One show have the same sponsors. I listen to all three and I have become guest specific and I skip the opening monologues. Honestly, I find Jericho to be really annoying in the monologues.

I'd say give Austin a listen over JR. Austin's podcasts tend to feel more like guys telling stories rather than an interview, which is more entertaining. I'd say listen to the Heyman, Foley, Russo and Bischoff episodes. You know most of what is said (save Foley) is complete bullshit, but it's still a good listen.

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