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Part of me , most of me, 99.95% of me hates the Marlins for what they stand for. They are not a sports team. They are nothing more than an atm machine for their owner. I get that making monkey is a goal, but when you blatantly do not give a fuck about your product on the field? That is horrible. I feel bad for the players on the roster. I really do. I cannot be fun playing at home in front of those 267 people that having given up hope yet. I didn't buy the 'new attitude' bullshit they tried to sell at the start of the season.

All that said. All the shit they pull. All the asshatery and douchebagness that is their owner.... They have still managed to win two World Series in their 19 years of existence.

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So, I went to Fenway this week. Besides the 13 hour drive (not recommended), I'd say it was a pretty good trip.

Fenway now ranks 2nd on my list of stadiums, which is about what I expected. It manages to still retain the old time charm while having huge video boards. What really put it over the top was the fans. While not as outwardly friendly as other places, the place was packed and loud for a random Tuesday night. Massive exit when the game went into extras tho (which is something I will never understand).

Stadium Ranks:

1) Wrigley Field

2) Fenway Park

3) Oriole Park at Camden Yards

4) Great American Ball Park

5) PNC Pack

6) Progressive Field

Road Results:

1) W @ Cubs F/10

2) L @ Orioles (Walk-Off in 12th)

3) L @ Pirates (Walk-Off in 9th)

4) L @ Indians (Walk-Off in 10th)

5) L @ Red Sox (Walk-Off in 12th)

I know that it is just a coincidence, but walk-offs & extra innings seem to be our thing.

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Kinda hard to tell since the season is only five days old (and since the Reds have only played one game normally), but I think I like these new change of pace rules. I was against them in theory, but I cannot say I have noticed them impacting the game play.

Then again, I've watched four games and the first three had rain delays. So what do I know.

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Man.  Today was the last game of Marty Brennaman's 46 years in the Cincinnati Reds radio booth.  Not an abrupt retirement, so I knew this day was coming.  I made it a point that I had to listen to today's game.  Didn't expect it to hit me quite like it has.  But in texting with a friend, I should have.  Marty is baseball to me.  I've heard his voice for so many hours.  I fell asleep to him calling west coast trips countless times.  Even when I finally had the ability to watch the games, I would mute the TV and turn up the radio.


He is baseball.


Listening to him today, he wants to go places and do things while he still can.  After 46 years at 77 years old, he has more than earned that.  So while a personally sad day, I am glad he went out on his terms.  This one belongs to Marty.

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