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Name Superman's Earth 2 counterpart.

If you are referring to Golden Age Superman, I believe his name was Kal-L.

Sorry about that. I meant the evil one.

dang, I thought you were trying to trick people since they spelled it Kal-L instead of the normal Kal-El on Earth 2.

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Since it's been a while and James hasn't posted a response, I'll go ahead and ask another one.

Who was responsible for Storm's temporary loss of her powers? (There are two answers, and either will be accepted.)

I believe Storm was shot with a gun that took her powers, so you could blame Forge for building it, or Gyrich (sp) for shooting it.

Although I could be wrong as I can't remember clearly if Storm or Rouge was shot with it.

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What was the answer to your last question?

Nope, although Kaine first started making appearances during the intitial Scarlet Spider story arc, he didnt cross the Scarlet Spider's path.

Hint: Scarlet Spider was injured in the fight with his first adversary and had to go to the hospital.

As for my last question, I was thinking about saving the answer to ask later, but if you must know, the seven villans were:

Hobgoblin, Electro, Shocker, Beetle, Mysterio, Vulture, and Scorpia.

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