Austen wrote something that wasn't about granny love.


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Well I was feeling quite annoyed about something a moment ago, so I decided to write about it, what I came out with, was this self-righteous thing.

Decided to post it here to get others thoughts.

Well, it looks like things are getting stranger before they can get any better.

But as my icons have said in the past, no man can truly exist until he truly knows his own rage and embraces it.

Forever we can claim that we know our own destiny's or that we are the makers of that belief, but truly the story is no longer being written, it is done.

Wonderment is only as detrimental to yourself as you let it be, they do say curiosity killed the cat, but how far did that cat truly travel?

When a man is truly able to embrace his own soul is that man truly ready for the coming of the end. The end justifies the means they say, they say a lot of things.

Forever, you can search for true existence, but you will not find it until you can fully say that you believe you are their, this is your greatest gift and also your greatest curse.

Arrogance can seep through your soul at the most inopportune moments and engulf you, it can take over you, it can become you.

Whenever I look in the mirror, I do not see what I have become, all that I see is a man who has never been, and, will never be.

Dear God, that sucks.

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