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Just curious, is anybody else reading this book?

I just spent the last three weeks reading the Madrox miniseries and the first four 24 issues (in trade format) of X-factor by Peter David. I've got to say, it's absolutely stupendous.

David took what seemed like a whole bunch of mutant cast-offs (and Layla, because it's unsure she's a mutant, I guess Madrox would fall here too in that case) and turned them ALL into intriguing characters. It's got a very small homely feel throughout the book, and although they participate in larger events and investigate large events, it never gets too off the wall and too big for it's own good.

A few things I liked in particular:

The Madrox issue where he tries to reclaim the preacher duplicate. That was a tremendous piece of writing and probably the best issue in the whole series, thus far.

The issue with Doc Sampson talking to all the team members. An excellent issue exploring the motivations and personalities.

The Isolationist storyline, and the Longest Night storyline: Even though these two storyline represent opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of mood, with the Longest Night storyline being noirish and the Isolationist storyline being more traditional in it's team superhero book nature...I thought they were the most enjoyable in terms of overall arcs in this book.

The Development of Layla into an actual character. David basically had a blank slate, plot device to work with and made that plot device into an actual person. Yeah, she's incredibly mysterious in her motivations and she brings a sense of unpredictability to the rest of the book. Also Quicksilver is so slimeballish in this book.

I can't wait to see where David goes with this during the Messiah Complex (which the trade should be coming out pretty soon) and in the Only Game in Town.

So put up your X-factor and Multiple Man (multiple man, multiple man, doing the things that a multiple man can) love.

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I haven't been following it super close, but I enjoyed the hell out of Madrox: Multiple Choice. He's such an underused character and they were able to pull off the detective story really well, I thought.

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Its a great series for the characters but sometimes you just wish that they could ditch the actual fighting of the enemy and just have the team coexisting and interacting. Of course I'm only getting the hardbacks and I've heard its really gone downhill recently, but everything I've read I've enjoyed.

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Of course I'm only getting the hardbacks and I've heard its really gone downhill recently, but everything I've read I've enjoyed.

I’m a big fan of the earlier trades, but I’ve grown kind of bored of the book over the past couple of months. It doesn’t help that the new artist they’ve bought in probably isn’t the best choice for the book.

Couldn't agree more.

These statements make me sad.

AJR, Yoda: First off what do you recognize as the "earlier" trades? What would you say is the problem with the book without spoiling? You think it's slump, is it still on the downswing, how long is this downswing, my guess is it probably starts after Messiah Complex, but since I'm not reading month to month, I don't really know?

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The first problem is the lack of a steady art team. The book has had some good artists, but none of them have stuck around long enough to make the series feel cohesive.

Secondly, they lost

Rahne and Layla



was the heart of the team and


was its charm. Upon their removal, X-Factor became just another X-book. I think I could have dealt with that if loose ends had been tied up, but they weren't. The

Rictor / Rahne romance

ended all too abruptly, and

(besides a one-shot) Layla's

been seemingly forgotten.

And then there are the crossovers. Tying it into "Messiah Complex" and "Secret Invasion" might boost sales for a few issues, but it's caused the book to lose focus. Right now, I couldn't even begin to tell you what's going on with the characters, and that saddens me because I used to love this title.

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It wasn’t until a few months after the Messiah Complex that I started to feel a bit “eh” about it, and I didn’t actually drop the book until they put this guy on as their artist, which was only a couple of months ago. I don’t think he works at all for the book. There’s also the fact that they’ve been doing a secret invasion tie-in, something that I’ve had absolutely no interest in. So basically; muddled art + a story I’m not interested in = no buy from me.

But outside of that, Yoda makes some good points. I’m all for change, but after they removed some of the more entertaining characters, I just lost a whole lot of interest in the series.

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