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Here is a link to the page, With all the episode's, So none of you have to buy Birds of Prey.

God freaking dammit. I already own Birds Of Prey, and it's actually not bad.

And hey, it's also in continuity!!! [/stirring]

Sorry, I've just been compiling something for WFP and the amount of clips I've ripped about the Teen Titans "controversy" is insane. I'd much rather focus on all the dirty things Mike says, or James swearing, or the impressions, but I have to give over a portion of time to people complaining that they're getting more content. Jeez! <_<

On topic: Cheers for the link! I can't really dislike something I haven't seen, but Birds of Prey is pretty low down on my list of things to buy so it's nice that I don't have to get that. And I watched suavestar's youTube review of it, so it is on the list.

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