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Try living in Alaska. Everything costs more.

I bet ice is cheap.

Try living in the UK or Australia. Both nations seem to get big markups on products compared with everywhere else.

I'm posting a total layout of my place as soon as I get my new bed in place on Saturday. I'm so damn pleased with how its all worked out.

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My "kitchen", notable for the Goon poster:


My desk/TV area. Notable for the Wii, the Marvel poster, and Mr. Miracle guarding Big Daddy, my computer.


One of my two puny shelves. Due to space restrictions, most of my DVDs are packed into a binder, and my comics and TPBs are packed away in boxes. Notable for Question, Spidey 2099, and the "whore puppets" of myself and Lucy, lovingly crafter by our friend, Chris.


My Bed/Other Shelf. This is more... not nerdy stuff. Picture of me and Lucy, picture of the farm I grew up on, Lucy's coffee cup, and My Johnny Cash and AWESOME Led Zepplin Poster.



My window, only notable for my grandfather's cowboy hat, my football helmet from High School, and my top hat.


My room is twice as big as Venneh's. I love being an RA.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

nice rooms ppl and Preston why the heck did you mention the OTHER most notable thing on your shelf with The Question Figure? THE BTAS SET!!!! :D

Here's yet another shot of my DVD Shelf.... there really aint that much else to take pics of at the moment..... Hoping to get more stuff situated over the weekend. I'm planning something special for the DCAU DVD's that's why they're not on the shelf.

I'm waiting to see some of Mike's collectables :laugh:


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I recall posting a picture of my game system collection a while back. Can't find it now, but it hasn't changed much since. When I move, I'll try to get some pics of my new room up, along with my sword collection.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
This thread just makes me yearn for the time when I can finally get Dread Media Central up and running.

you'll get it up and running eventually Des... this thread will still be here for ya to post.

Stav: excellent room

glad everyone's taken to the thread :D

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Stavros is that a poloroid from Memento?

I can remember the characters name even though I only watched it a few weeks ago again, oh and everyone watch memento.

That is indeed the picture of Teddy from Memento. Its pretty cool to see who gets that one and who thinks that I've saved a picture of a random guy with his phone number written on it.

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