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Guest DCAUFan1051

It's been a while since I posted any pics in here. The new apartment... well since I've been living here almost year it's old now. However here's my desk area and the overall living room. The kitchen is nothing to write home about, nether are the 2 bedrooms.

First up my new #1 mascot (he likes hanging out on the Computer tower):


Next here is the empty wall in the living room that I want to put shelves on:


and finally my desk area

(goddamn I'm gonna need a huge apartment if I ever move with this desk!):


A few notes about the desk:

#1 yes that is a original GameBoy

#2 yes those are more mighty muggs... I love those things

#3 the black box in front of the PC tower is a CD laser title printer

sorry about the glare in the desk pic that light is on the lowest setting it can be on.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

The framed Transformers: The Movie poster is great. And even better, I think I see Optimal Optimus on the dresser in the same pic.

you are correct sir it IS Optimal Optimus the rest of my toys on those 2 nightstands are Transformers Animated Figures

The night stands will eventually have DVD shelves on them like the ones on my dresser in the bedroom. I'm hoping to get wall mounted shelving for the wall in between the 2 posters that will house my entire toy collection.

Doug: the reason why I wanted this desk was because it was so huge. Plus at the time I had one of them tiny build it yourself desks and my computer equipment was flooding off of it. I originally had to go by the placement of outlets and whatnot for the desk. When I felt I needed a change the only available other spot was right in front of the window. And damn this view is better then my old apartment:


Suave: the mighty muggs are too numerous to list so i will point you in 2 directions:

#1 Photobucket Album of Muggs

#2 My Blog Post About The Muggs

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Guest DCAUFan1051

OK I've moved the my bookcase that was in the 2nd bedroom to the living room. Just don't have the $ to buy new shelves. So low and behold here is the new layout.

After getting the shelf out into the room:


Full View of the shelf (note the nightstands will have DVD shelves on them eventually):


The Mighty Muggs #1: Note about this image: yes that is the wolverine mugg with claws around the Duff Beer Can


The Mighty Muggs #2


Everyone knows I'm a huge transformers fan. So here are all the TF toys I've collected:




And the final image is the bottom part of the shelf which includes:

#1 Random Collectibles Bobblehead Radio DJ, Loren & Wally Statues from my favorite morning show team, comic books.

#2 The bottom shelf is none other then a Original not complete Castle Grayskull!


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