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I really like how bright your room is in the second photo Mike.

Anyway, you have a nice place, and the bookcase looks nice.

thanks suave... and 2 halogen lamps help with the brightness... you should see it when the sun comes in from the east in the morning, then the west in the evenings.

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This is the new desk I got for Christmas. Be jealous.

Warning! Lot of HUGE pictures.

The desk as a whole:


Closer look:


This shelf notable for sweet soda can fridge:


Charging station + Bose headphones and Sony Earbuds.


Glass Cabinet for my "school supplies":


Just some random stuff, Wish I had some apple boxes to put up there (Sorry, I'm a fan boy :) )


Other Glass Cabinet for my tech stuff (Cable bags, usb drives, cleaning cloths, tech cd's):


The top of my desk:


Power cords, Router and bag full of more cables. :P :


Drawer with hidden nerf gun:


External Hard-drive, Sub-woofer and text books.


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