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Internet reaction when Marvel announces something:

Fanboys get boners so big they trip over them, and when it sucks they still think it's good.

Internet reaction when DC announces something:

Fanboys think it's going to suck regardless of what it is.

Testify! :buttrock:

(For the avoidance of doubt, as us lawyers say, that's not an endorsement of said status quo)

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It usually does for Marvel too.

There we must disagree. Yes, Iron Man 2 was distictly sub-par and the SHIELD pilot had flaws, but the rest of their live action output has been excellent.

By the by, I mean everything directly released by Marvel Studios, not anything Spiderman or X-Men related. That has been mostly crap. Apart from Spider Man 2, Amazing and X-Men. And probably X-Men: First Class.

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I endorse the last two comments. I've seen Captain America three times now and the original shine is kind of worn off. But it's still one of the best with Iron Man. As opposed to Marvel's Movie Where Every Hero Stands Around Arguing But Everyone Has the Same Personality and Vocal Cadence.

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I'm not entirely sure the 'Everything DC' thread is the place to discuss the relative merits of the Marvel Studios output, even if the discussion point did germinate here. It's just that it has no relevance to DC Films, or the Constantine TV show.

(For the record, I really liked Thor, although it's been a while since I've watched it. I'd need more details to argue against it being terrible, but again, in the Marvel thread).

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I tried to give Beware The Batman a fair shake, but it bored me so badly that I had to stop after the first 3 or 4 episodes.

Every Batman series since BTAS has aimed for doing something "different" with the Batman story. The Batman was described as "the 1960s Batman mixed with Batman Beyond," Brave and the Bold was Silver Age craziness, and Beware the Batman was bizarre and different for the sake of being bizarre and different. I understand the creators' desire to avoid comparisons to BTAS, but I think there's a serious problem when you deliberately ignore the core Batman for 15 years. Can we have "regular" Batman again? There's literally an entire generation of kids now that have never had a "normal" Batman. It's either the so-realistic-it-hurts Nolan films or the so-bizarre-it's-perplexing animated shows.

Oh, and Robin. Robin has only been featured in Teen Titans (where he was part of a five-person team) and the last two seasons of The Batman (which didn't get a ton of viewers). There's a generation of kids who haven't even been properly introduced to Robin.

EDIT: Robin was also in Young Justice, but that's another example where Robin was one guy in a huge cast of characters, in a show with little overall exposure anyway.

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