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3 hours ago, Dread said:

I think the general company line on Batman is that he wears the symbol on his chest to offer a target as a subconscious suggestion to shoot there rather than anywhere else.

I have long had the head canon that a rookie Batman -- who originally only had the black bat on his chest -- saw Superman with his bright red and yellow crest getting shot in the chest, and thought, "You know, putting a yellow border around this bat might be a good idea."

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I had the growing pain with it. As it stands, it's still a mostly-slick piece of writing, and Miller's best Batman-focused work (cuz Year One's Gordon focused). It meanders by the fourth chapter, and the artwork gets worse, but I think it generally holds up. The first issue is one of the best written comics of all time IMO.

It's one of those stories like Watchmen where people took the wrong lessons from it. Writers a generation later started characterizing Batman like he was 55 and crazy in the modern era, no taking into account all of the context TDKR was under. It's legacy is worse than the book itself.

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This is the most (non-political) idiotic thing I've read in a while.


“You know, I play a superhero without any superpowers," Ritchson continued. "How great is that? I still remember the first episode I shot, episode 1.02. Brad Anderson, the director, and I were standing on set and it was the first time that we were shooting where I was in the suit and kicking ass... And I was like, ‘Okay… We’ve never had this conversation before, so… do I fly? What are my superpowers? Am I super strong? I can handle a jump that size?’ And he’s like, ‘Good question, good question. Yeah. Let’s go with no superpowers.’ I was like, ‘Okay! Alright! That informs a lot!'

How did the director not or or decide whether or not the characters had powers in a scene that already would've been written out and scripted. Wouldn't they have known since the show's decision to include them in the episode upon basic research?

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I wasn't particularly into the first episode of Titans, but my sons enjoyed it, so we gave episode 2 a go and...Hawk & Dove!!! Fucking A! I'm a fan now.

I had a hunch that the guy who played Hawk was the Aquaman from Smallville and the aborted spinoff and I was right. 

Also, is Brad Fucking Anderson directing the whole series? Holy shit.

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The show is okay. Not as morally reprehensible as the SDCC trailer implied it to be, but it's still a modern example of DC chasing Marvel and missing the mark. Brandon Thwaites isn't well cast as Dick Grayson, and I don't think from what I've seen he's that great of an actor as well. He's not awful, he can get through a scene, but even for an angry, mid-mantle crisis Dick he's utterly without charm. The show's blue sheen and overcast skies make it look like it's set in the Twilight universe. I do appreciate the adherence to a general comic book continuity, with the reference of an earlier Titans Team and the Doom Patrol. The Jason Todd episode was overall pretty good. But the swearing takes me out of it. It just doesn't match the world of the Titans, whereas the various Netflix series never felt like they were operating out of bounds with those heroes tonally. Every time the word "fuck" is said in the same sentence as "Batman", the next word that pops in my head is "fanfic".

To be positive though, the Jason Todd episode really was good. Curran Walter's was perfectly cast, and I liked how they got across all aspects of Jason, as the annoying Dick Grayson-lite character (constantly saying "bro"), as the excited young new Robin, as someone who saw the crimefighting life as a game, and ultimately as someone very violent and who needed a positive structure to keep from becoming a villain. His attack on the police at the end however was horrific, and I had to re-watch it to make sure he didn't outright slaughter them. It was extreme, but it fit the character.

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20 hours ago, JackFetch said:

Arrow. I couldn't give less shits about the villains on that show. I can't even remember most of them. Also, the side characters are terrible. Team Arrow ruined that show. 

You can't possibly give a shit about Oliver Queen on that show, could you? Arrow is not an example for the positive in any argument.

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