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As expected, this is looking like "Harley Quinn: The Movie". Granted, her name is in the extended title, but the Birds of Prey look they don't even need to be here. Makes me think they had a Harley Quinn solo movie script in the works due to her popularity after Suicide Squad, but they felt she wasn't strong enough to carry her own film, and therefore gave her a team (again) by merging it with the Birds of Prey script that was floating around. This is further driven home by the teaser posters released all featuring exclusively Harley.

Visually, it looks very interesting though. Love the Hyenas and all of the camp. Also, I am curious about Ewan McGregor and how much time his actual face will be on screen vs. the mask.

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On 10/1/2019 at 1:31 PM, batguy10 said:

they felt she wasn't strong enough to carry her own film

Harley Quinn is a far more interesting and complex character than the Joker, and deserves her own film more. And Margot Robbie easily has the personality to carry a film by herself.

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11 hours ago, S-T said:

Harley Quinn is a far more interesting and complex character than the Joker, and deserves her own film more. And Margot Robbie easily has the personality to carry a film by herself.

I agree. Especially regarding Margot Robbie's screen presence and abilities. I'm just unsure if the execs at WB agree that Harley deserves and can carry her own film without the safety net of a team or the Joker. 

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6 minutes ago, The Master said:

There's a new batch of Crisis on Infinite Earths teaser images, and one of them seemingly features


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Kevin Conroy in Bruce Wayne's Kingdom Come exoskeleton


and I am so giddy over that.

I did a double take, because I thought that was John Glover reprising his role as Lionel Luthor.

But he looks great, along with everyone else in the photos

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On 11/19/2019 at 11:29 PM, Donomark said:

Love it. Some people are like "HE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE BATMAN" but I'm fanboying too hard to care.

At least from the stills, he looks fine. After his performance in the DCAU he more than deserves recognition. Conroy's voice has defined Batman for 27 years. I simply cannot understand anyone objecting to honoring him for that.

27 years. Wow.

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Thoughts so far.

-The acting is just terrible.

-The effects are worse than that.

-Love the full Supergirl suit, hate the bangs.

-Kryptonians need to stop building baby-only rockets.

-The whole thing just has an air of cheap tackiness that ignores the Golden age of television. This is like a tv show from a universe where HBO never existed. 

This might not be for me....

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Does anyone else feel like a scene on Earth-96 was hacked out?


Iris, along with Earth-38 Lois and Clark, drop by The Daily Planet on Earth-96. Lois bumps into Earth-96 Clark, there's a meet-cute, a meeting is asked for, and he agrees after Earth-38 Clark says "It's about Lex Luthor." The next time we see them (after a brief Supergirl scene on Earth-99), they've entered E96 Clark's office and they're into full "we know you're Superman, this guy is Superman too, Lex is trying to kill you, and the multiverse is collapsing" mode. This implies there was a massively important conversation between these people during the Earth-99 scene, and I'm kind remiss we didn't get to see it.


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2 hours ago, slothian said:

Haven't watched yet, but I have seen people take the anti-Hemmings position and state that this is more epic than Avengers: Endgame.

I'm inclined to agree, simply to rile up Tom.


Look, I persevered. Because I have a taste for stuff that's basically trash sometimes. 

The Supergirl Lex Luthor is...hes just awful. And I've enjoyed a wide range of portrayals. So actually Tom Welling completely no-selling his ridiculousness was the best thing in this so far. Smallville Luthor was SO much better. 

Close second is the Brainiac 5 character from Supergirl. I love Brainiac 5 in the DCAU so to see him reduced to some weird autistic genericharacter is miserable.

Upsides- Kevin Conroys voice still gives me chills. And I'm glad they felt they could use him in a spot less beholden to continuity, evil insane Batmen is a thing in DC right now and I don't mind representing it here. 

Brandon Routh still looks the part as Superman and hes still representing the overall movie continuity which is a nice nod. Between him and Kevin Conroys segment theres a lot of nods to Kingdom Come. KC Superman is a favourite of mine, his run as past of the JSA was excellent.

Wondering if they'll do more with Burt Ward.

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So we're at the halfway point before the two-part finale in January. I loved most of part one, the only thing I liked less (and even then wasn't a dealbreaker) were the scenes with future Oliver. But the sense of desperation is exactly what Crisis needed from the jump and I felt part one delivered. Additionally, the opening two minutes are gonna go down in nerd history.

Part two I enjoyed much less. I loved all the Routh scenes (the most perfect looking Superman costume ever delivered on live action) and I ultimately liked how crazy Conroy's Bruce was, just as a goof. But I would've preferred a more traditional Batman, and you can't really say Conroy portrayed him. And Tom Welling was excellent, slipped right back into the role with his wry sense of humor, but I was very disappointed they closed the door on him in such a short and nonplussed way. Also there was a lot of dumb, needless humor in awkward places.

Tonight's Part Three I loved just as much as Part One. The sense of urgency returned and the cameos were brilliant. The ending was totally unexpected and was a fantastic cliffhanger. And all of Black Lightning's scenes were awesome.


The Lucifer scene was magnificent, and I love more and more scraping every corner of the live-action DCU. Additionally, this Arrowverse has honored John Wesley Shipp's old tv series in so many ways, but giving him the most iconic, heroic death in all of comics is perhaps one of the highest tributes I've ever witnessed. Part of it came out like a slight deus ex machina, but you knew Gustin was never gonna die. It was great.


The only thing I'll agree with Stavros on is some of the effects. Supergirl's always had really lousy effects, going back to season one when she was on CBS, and the Super-people fight scenes look terrible.



The Spectre scene was fucking unreal. I cannot believe they exposited one of the most powerful characters in 30 seconds and just walked up and told Oliver Queen "You're me now". It really, really doesn't work but it's so goofy and comic booky that I don't care. 


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