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Totally agree. I don't know why more people don't jump at doing a Wonder Woman film. I mean, there are so many possibilities. You can do it as a WW2 film or in the modern age. Anyone who says it's hard to do a Wonder Woman film, let me do the work for you, borrowing slightly from Grant Morrison.

Born From Clay

Mythical Island

Ambassador of Peace

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I mean, there are so many possibilities. You can do it as a WW2 film or in the modern age.

You can even go as far as setting the movie entirely on the island. I just really want a sword and sorcery type epic. Hell, make Hippolyta the focus for all I care. I just want so Amazons on an island kicking some ass with sword and spears. I that too much to ask for?

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The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a Faith No More song playing...

It was in his face, but he just couldn't grab it.

Ha! I was actual;ly referring to the fact that Patton did the "voices" for the monsters in the Will Smith I Am Legend.

The Cw is considering doing a "The Flash" series, potentiality backdooring it out of Arrow


Don't they mean another Flash series? Guh...the character is perfect for a movie and they're just going to give another property over to the CW to fuck it all up.

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I was posting from my phone and honestly didn't want to risk massive grammar errors when I pointed out that sadly this one won't have Mark Hamil or John Wesley Snipe.

Some more details: They are going with Barry Allen, he will appear in three episodes of Arrow this season, and he will have powers and a red costume. Now for my curiosity. It's obvious that Warners is setting up a shared universe film series. If/When they get to Justice League, it would be hard to believe they wouldn't include The Flash. Will they risk brand dilution by having a Flash series with a different Flash at the same time or will they use the same Flash for both?

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I heard an interesting rumor on The Geekbox podcast from last week. This is all just rumor:

They are going to mix the WB and movie characters to do the Justice League movie. The Green Arrow from Arrow will be in it, along with Superman from Man of Steel, and there is a rumor that Ryan Reynolds will be in an Arrow episode as Green Lantern.

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Reynolds's star is falling fast. He's not bankable anymore. Frankly, the guy either needs to find a small indy film or jusy give into being a whore and doing any role for cash. I like Reynolds so I'm hoping for the first option but if the story is true, I wouldn't be surprised if he does show up on Arrow.

What I find hilarious? Arrow was being billed as being self-contained and a world with no superpowers. It took them a season to start breaking rules. Smallville at least waited a few seasons before it broke its no Lois Lane rule.

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