Sierra closing a bunch of game servers


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Now that Sierra has been swallowed by the maw of Actiblizzard, the great behemoth has spat out a few bones.

On November 1st, Sierra will be closing 21 of its game servers, cutting off supports to games such as AvP2, Homeworld and Vampire.

None of the games affected are hugely popular, but doubtless someone out there will be a bit put out by this. Comments, anyone?

1. Alien vs Predator 2

2. Arcanum

3. Caesar IV

4. Dark Reign 2

5. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

6. Empire Earth

7. Empire Earth 2

8. Empire Earth: Age of Conquest

9. Ground Control

10. Ground Control 2

11. Homeworld

12. Homeworld: Cataclysm

13. Nolf 2

14. Red Baron

15. Sanity

16. Star Trek: Armada

17. SWAT3: EE


19. The Incredible Machine

20. Tribes 2

21. Vampire

I remember when Homeworld was the shit, and I still have Arcanum. I hope there is an option for people to create their own servers to keep these games alive.

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