Dead Set


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New Channel four series about the inhabitants of the Big Brother house fending off a zombie epidemic. Set for a single hour long opening episode plus 4 half hour follow-ups, and including long-time BB host Davina McCall and a group of pretty good name actors. I'm very excited about this, the trailers look absolutely mint. The idea that people specifically picked to piss each other off have to work together to survive is genius.

Dead Set

They say this features Davina's most brutal on screen death since her BBC One chat show.

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Good series, they really did a no compromise quality job on keeping the effect realistic, although it could have stood to be spun out a little longer. I don't feel that we got to know the characters as much as we should, the dynamic never really changed around enough. Very good for TV horror though, it certainly proved that we brits can do more than Dr Who level stuff wen it comes to effects driven shows.

My only problem-

Man, all those housemates were surprisingly intact zombies after they got attacked by hundreds of slavering ghouls. I'd rather have seen the zombie in the control room looking at screens where a few random undead were standing around bloody stains that was all that was left of the cast. Aside from being dead they were barely scratched.

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