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Guest DCAUFan1051
Calling something Eliza Dushku's best show is like saying crabs is the best STD.

WTF are you smokin over there mr. doomsday?

out of everything that she's done outside of the faith character from Buffy Tru Calling was her best work.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
Calling something Eliza Dushku's best show is like saying crabs is the best STD.

Alright, that's it. Fuck the Audition debate. We're having a Bring It On debate!

Bring It On gets an automatic pass. It's a phenomenon.

admit defeat des me, kellen and DW have you outnumbered on the fact that Tru Calling ROCKS!!

and bring it on should be a guilty pleasure movie. Because as opposed to watching that I'd rather be caught with a female version of Hornswoggle! :laugh: :devil: :D

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  • 2 months later...
With the broadcast networks' upfront presentations less than a month away, it's do-or-die time for bubble series.

Not all shows that haven't been renewed yet are in jeopardy: For such series as CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," which traditionally gets picked up at the last minute, and ABC's "Ugly Betty," the orders are just a formality.

But that can't be said for a dozen or so other series anxiously awaiting their fate.

CBS has the most, including a quartet of long-running procedurals -- "Without a Trace," "Cold Case," "Numbers" and "The Unit" -- along with freshman drama "Eleventh Hour."

For all of them -- especially the two oldest, Warner Bros. TV/Bruckheimer's "Trace" and "Case" -- the decision is tied to the shows' economics, as the network pays most or all of the production costs at this point.

The odds for "Trace" and "Case" are considered 50/50 right now, with one of the two expected to come back.

The CBS Par-produced "Numbers" looks good to return for a sixth season, as does that series' Friday night companion, ABC Studios' "Ghost Whisperer," which would enter its fifth cycle.

The prospects for "Hour," meanwhile, do not look good. The military drama "Unit" also had been considered unlikely to come back, but in a hopeful sign, executive producer Shawn Ryan has been asked by the network to present ideas for a fifth season.

Of Fox's two bubble series, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Dollhouse," sophomore "Terminator" is considered all but gone, while freshman "Dollhouse's" chances are 50/50.

Along with Fox's sci-fi duo, the most discussed bubble show online is NBC's "Chuck," which finally showed a ratings uptick this past week but is still performing marginally despite a strong fan base. The dramedy's chances also have been hurt by the promising start of NBC's police drama "Southland," as the network will have only few hourlong slots in the fall when Jay Leno takes over the 10 p.m. hour every night.

Another NBC Monday series, the modestly rated but reliable procedural "Medium," is said to have slightly better odds to return than "Chuck," while the quirky cop drama "Life" is expected to join "Kath & Kim" on cancellation row.

Meanwhile, the original "Law & Order" series is expected to return for a record-tying 20th season, matching the run of "Gunsmoke," though its order will probably not for a full 22-episode season.

Neither of ABC's midseason entries have broken through, but while "Cupid" has been pretty much written off, the comedy "Better Off Ted" and the dramas "The Unusuals" and "Castle" are still in consideration as ABC brass is said to be happy with the them creatively.

"Unusuals" has a major test this week: To boost its chances, the network has scheduled a second original episode of the show after the "Dancing With the Stars" results show in addition to its already prominent regular airing after "Lost."

Over at the CW, "Reaper" is gone, while the prospects for "Privileged" have improved, and the show is now considered for a possible midseason order.

I like Reaper, so I'm not happy about it getting the axe. I would be shocked if Chuck doesn't come back.

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Is there any word on Kings at NBC? I know they moved it to a Saturday slot, which might be worse than the Sunday slot it had.

Also, I'm willing to bet that Dollhouse gets canceled after this season; they aired the Prison Break premiere in its normal spot this last Friday. Plus, its ratings continue to drop every week.

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NBC has renewed midseason drama “Southland.”

The network on Friday night picked up 13 episodes from the cop drama exec produced by John Wells.

The Warner Bros. TV-produced series, starring Ben McKenzie, was a late addition to NBC’s midseason slate. It got off to a very strong start in “ER’”s Thursday 10 p.m. slot. The ratings have since slipped, but the network brass has been high on “Southland’”s broad appeal, creative potential and Wells’ solid track record as a showrunner.

Still waiting to hear their fate are bubble series “Chuck,” “Law & Order,” “Medium” and “My Name is Earl.”

If they cancel Chuck after the awesome season it just had, I will lose faith in humanity. I gave up on Earl two seasons ago.

Chuck's fate is decided on Monday according to Zach Levi.


The Bachelor: Already renewed.

Better Off Ted: Could go either way.

Brothers & Sisters: Already renewed.

Castle: Could go either way.

Cupid: It's a goner.

Dancing with the Stars: Already renewed.

Desperate Housewives: Already renewed.

Dirty Sexy Money: Officially canceled.

Eli Stone: Officially canceled.

Grey's Anatomy: Already renewed.

In the Motherhood: It's a goner.

Lost: Already renewed.

Private Practice: Already renewed.

Pushing Daisies: Officially canceled.

Samantha Who?: Could go either way.

Scrubs: Prospects brightening.

Supernanny: Already renewed.

Surviving Suburbia: A long shot.

Ugly Betty: Already renewed.

The Unusuals: A long shot.

Wife Swap: Already renewed.


The Amazing Race: Already renewed.

The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.

Cold Case: Could go either way.

Criminal Minds: Sure thing.

CSI: Sure thing.

CSI: Miami: Sure thing.

CSI: NY: Sure thing.

Eleventh Hour: Could go either way. Now a long shot. Hearing the crew is looking for other work.

Flashpoint: A long shot. Could continue airing in Canada.

Gary Unmarried: Could go either way.

Ghost Whisperer: Sure thing.

Harper's Island: It's a goner.

How I Met Your Mother: Sure thing.

The Mentalist: Sure thing.

NCIS: Sure thing.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Could go either way. ABC poised to pick up if CBS passes.

Numb3rs: Safe bet.

Rules of Engagement: Safe bet.

Survivor: Already renewed.

Two and a Half Men: Already renewed.

The Unit: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner.

Without a Trace: Could go either way.

Worst Week: A long shot.


24: Already renewed.

American Dad: Already renewed.

American Idol: Already renewed.

Bones: Sure thing.

Dollhouse: Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot.

Family Guy: Already renewed.

Fringe: Sure thing.

House: Sure thing.

King of the Hill: Officially canceled.

Kitchen Nightmares: Already renewed.

Lie to Me: Sure thing.

Prison Break: Officially canceled.

The Simpsons: Already renewed.

Sit Down, Shut Up: It's a goner.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A long shot.

'Til Death: Already renewed (unfortunately).


30 Rock: Already renewed.

The Biggest Loser: Already renewed.

Celebrity Apprentice: Already renewed.

Chuck: Could go either way. Decision may not be made in time for NBC's May 4 "infront" presentation.

Friday Night Lights: Already renewed.

Heroes: Sure thing.

Kath & Kim: It's a goner.

Kings: It's a goner.

Knight Rider: It's a goner.

Law & Order: Safe bet. I hear they're already working on next season's episodes.

Law & Order: CI: Could go either way.

Law & Order: SVU: Already renewed.

Life: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner.

Lipstick Jungle: Officially canceled.

Medium: Safe bet.

My Name is Earl: Could go either way. Fox may rescue it if NBC passes.

The Office: Already renewed.

Parks and Recreation: Safe bet.

Southland: Sure thing.

The CW

90210: Already renewed.

America's Next Top Model: Already renewed.

Everybody Hates Chris: It's a goner.

The Game: It's a long shot.

Gossip Girl: Already renewed.

One Tree Hill: Already renewed.

Privileged: Prospects brightening.

Reaper: It's a goner.

Smallville: Already renewed.

Supernatural: Already renewed.

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I heard the rest of Kings' episodes have been pushed back to summer now? (Yeah, it's fucked.)

I don't really know what's going to happen with Dollhouse. I'd love to see more of it. But, on the other hand, there's not much to suggest it's going to last.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

And regarding law & order Criminal intent I think USA has the license for new eps if NBC don't pick it up... then again NBC owns USA

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NBC went down to the wire on its new series pickups and bubble series renewals ahead of its infront presentation Monday.

In what made for a nail-biting weekend for a lot of producers, the network opted to delay the official decision on its fall series picks until the morning of its infront and on some bubble pilots and series until after the presentation.

On the new series front, the Chevy Chase-starring comedy "Community" and the dramas "Trauma" and "Parenthood," which is still filming, received the highest marks during the network's pilot screenings last week and are poised to received series orders. Two other comedies, "100 Questions for Charlotte Payne" and "Off Duty," also are in serious contention, with at least one expected to make the cut.

Additionally, as of Sunday afternoon, only two series on the fence -- the midseason drama "Southland" and veteran "Medium" -- had received official renewals.

The John Wells-produced cop drama "Southland," starring Ben McKenzie, got a 13-episode order Friday night, and the Patricia Arquette-starring "Medium" got the nod Sunday morning, though its exact order was being worked out and expected to be in the 13-18 episode range. Negotiations for a fifth season of the comedy "My Name Is Earl" were ongoing.

All three series hail from outside studios -- Warner Bros., CBS Par and 20th TV, respectively -- and their hard-fought renewals underscore the wrangling over license fees this upfront season, in which NBC is projected to suffer the biggest ad-price drop.

The renewal of the NBC-produced comedy "Parks and Recreation," starring Amy Poehler, is expected to be announced today, with co-star Aziz Ansari rumored to open for NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman at the presentation and star Poehler expected to appear on NBC's upfront comedy showcase May 19.

However, NBC will postpone the verdict on its two remaining bubble series: the quirky sophomore "Chuck" and veteran "Law & Order," which looks to tie "Gunsmoke's" record 20-season run.

Both series appear likely to return, but the decision won't be made until later in the month.

That last sentence makes me happy, but I wish they would just make a decision already.

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Just returned from NBC's upfront infront presentation. Highlights below.

• Peacock co-chairman Ben Silverman confirmed that Life will not go on. (Bubble Show Cheat Sheet updated accordingly.)

• As I reported earlier today, the fates of Medium, My Name is Earl, Chuck, and Law & Order will be decided on or before May 19.

• If Chuck is renewed, it probably won't be returning to Mondays. Silverman said Heroes would be paired with "a new show" on the night (my guess: Parenthood or Day One.)

• NBC is prepared to move forward with Law & Order: SVU with or without Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. "There's an offer on the table," said co-chair Marc Graboff, cryptically.

• Special guests included Amy Poehler (wearing a swine flu mask) and Donald Trump (wearing his soggy raincoat).

• Light refreshments were served. And enjoyed.

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