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Guest DCAUFan1051

according to Knight Rider Online KR2008 is on the bubble not officially let go.

And SVU Without Hargitay and Meloni... ummm I duno how to feel because they've been there since show 1. Look how much the original Law & Order has gone down hill with the constant refreshing of the cast.

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Updated list as seen here:


The Bachelor: Already renewed.

Better Off Ted: Could go either way. Now officially renewed.

Brothers & Sisters: Already renewed.

Castle: Could go either way. Now a safe bet. Now officially renewed.

Cupid: It's a goner.

Dancing with the Stars: Already renewed.

Desperate Housewives: Already renewed.

Dirty Sexy Money: Officially canceled.

Eli Stone: Officially canceled.

Grey's Anatomy: Already renewed.

In the Motherhood: It's a goner.

Lost: Already renewed.

Private Practice: Already renewed.

Pushing Daisies: Officially canceled.

Samantha Who?: Could go either way. Prospects brightening.

Scrubs: Prospects brightening. Now officially renewed.

Supernanny: Already renewed.

Surviving Suburbia: A long shot.

Ugly Betty: Already renewed.

The Unusuals: A long shot.

Wife Swap: Already renewed.


The Amazing Race: Already renewed.

The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.

Cold Case: Could go either way.

Criminal Minds: Sure thing.

CSI: Sure thing.

CSI: Miami: Sure thing.

CSI: NY: Sure thing.

Eleventh Hour: Could go either way. Now a long shot. Hearing the crew is looking for other work.

Flashpoint: A long shot. Could continue airing in Canada.

Gary Unmarried: Could go either way.

Ghost Whisperer: Sure thing. Officially renewed.

Harper's Island: It's a goner.

How I Met Your Mother: Sure thing.

The Mentalist: Sure thing.

NCIS: Sure thing.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Could go either way. ABC poised to pick up if CBS passes.

Numb3rs: Safe bet.

Rules of Engagement: Safe bet.

Survivor: Already renewed.

Two and a Half Men: Already renewed.

The Unit: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner. Back to being a long shot.

Without a Trace: Could go either way.

Worst Week: A long shot.


24: Already renewed.

American Dad: Already renewed.

American Idol: Already renewed.

Bones: Sure thing.

Dollhouse: Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot. Prospects brightening. Now officially renewed for 13 episodes.

Family Guy: Already renewed.

Fringe: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.

House: Sure thing.

King of the Hill: Officially canceled.

Kitchen Nightmares: Already renewed.

Lie to Me: Sure thing. Officially renewed for 13 episodes.

Prison Break: Officially canceled.

The Simpsons: Already renewed.

Sit Down, Shut Up: It's a goner.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A long shot.

'Til Death: Already renewed (unfortunately).


30 Rock: Already renewed.

The Biggest Loser: Already renewed.

Celebrity Apprentice: Already renewed.

Chuck: Could go either way. Now a safe bet. (Yay!)

Friday Night Lights: Already renewed.

Heroes: Sure thing. Now officially renewed.

Kath & Kim: It's a goner.

Kings: It's a goner.

Knight Rider: It's a goner.

Law & Order: Safe bet. I hear they're already working on next season's episodes.

Law & Order: CI: Could go either way.

Law & Order: SVU: Already renewed.

Life: A long shot. Now hearing it's a goner. Now officially canceled.

Lipstick Jungle: Officially canceled.

Medium: Safe bet. Reportedly renewed for 13-16 episodes.

My Name is Earl: Could go either way. Fox may rescue it if NBC passes.

The Office: Already renewed.

Parks and Recreation: Safe bet. Now officially renewed.

Southland: Sure thing Officially renewed for 13 episodes.

The CW

90210: Already renewed.

America's Next Top Model: Already renewed.

Everybody Hates Chris: It's a goner.

The Game: It's a long shot.

Gossip Girl: Already renewed.

One Tree Hill: Already renewed.

Privileged: Prospects brightening.

Reaper: It's a goner.

Smallville: Already renewed.

Supernatural: Already renewed.

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The Office is going to be cancelled when its done with its 5th season and Parks and Recreation will be canceled when its done with its 1st season. SNL is doomed. Family Guy will die soon. So will South Park. Before you know it, every TV show will be canceled!

All of TV will be commercials and re-runs. :devil:

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There were rumours the last two days that Reaper was being looked at again for renewal, but really if Sock has got another gig lined up and wouldnt be in it then I wont be too dissapointed to see it go as he would be a big loss to the way the show works and clicks for those who like it

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In the battle of Chuck vs. the Network Suits, the Buy More geek has prevailed.

NBC has decided to give Josh Schwartz's well-liked action-comedy another shot next fall.

The network picked up 13 episodes of the series from Warner Bros., which, in a business-side trend this year, made some budget concessions to secure the show a third season.

Fans pushed NBC very hard for a pickup, launching a "Save Chuck" campaign that included buying sandwiches at series sponsor Subway.

Chuck joins Southland, Heroes, Medium, L&O: SVU, Friday Night Lights and Parks & Recreation among shows NBC has renewed for fall. Given that 10 p.m. will be off the board due to Jay Leno's talk show, the network has considerably fewer slots than usual to fill.

Confidence has been pretty high that Chuck would return. Once Fox found a way to make the much lesser-rated Dollhouse work for fall late last week, Chuck returning to NBC seemed almost certain. It also probably hasn't hurt that star Zachary Levi has been a team player for NBC, appearing in the network's PSA campaigns, marketing promotions and events.

Here's Chuck's 18-49 ratings for the season, with the final number having gone up a tenth in the nationals since this chart was created. As you can see, for all the woes about the show's ratings, it actually performed fairly steady, dropping only slightly in midseason.

Now the bad news:

Here's the bad news: The 13-episode pickup came after Warner Bros. agreed to make significant budget concessions, including scaling back the number of episodes several members of the show's stellar supporting cast will appear in and, per one insider, possibly eliminating one actor altogether (R.I.P. Anna Wu?). The show is also expected to cut two of its staff writers.

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Samantha Who has been canceled.

Fox is really not helping the shows they just renewed with this schedule:

* The Brad Garrett sitcom “’Til Death” will serve as the new lead-in to Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” on Friday nights.

* “Fringe” is being tossed into the toughest timeslot on TV, opposite “The Office,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI.”

* Wanda Sykes will host a roundtable talk show Saturday night, replacing “MADtv” and “The Spike Feresten Show.”

* If the CW's "Reaper" comes back, it comes back without Tyler Labine, now starring in Fox's "Sons of Tuscon."

* The second hour of "24's" eighth-season premiere will air at 10 p.m., pre-empting Fox affiliates' local programming on Jan. 17.

* "Sons of Tuscon," "Past Life" and "Human Target" are all being held for midseason.

* A live-action sitcom, “Brothers,” is joining Fox’s Sunday animation line-up.

* "So You Think You Can Dance" will now fill "American Idol's" slots during the fall months.

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"Law & Order" will match "Gunsmoke's" record 20-year run.

NBC on Monday renewed Dick Wolf's veteran crime drama for a 20th season, sources said.

The order is believed to be for 16 episodes.

Wolf had been open about his desire to tie "Gunsmoke" for the longest-running drama series on television.

Once a staple at NBC, "L&O," which spawned two successful spinoff series with "Law & Order: SVU" and "Law & order: CI," has seen its ratings slide in the last couple seasons when it served as a midseason replacement.

Its current cast includes Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson, Sam Waterston, S. Epatha Merkerson, Alana De La Garza and Linus Roache.

NBC is slated to announce its schedule for next season Tuesday in New York.

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After late-in-the-game saves for fan favorites like NBC's "Chuck" and Fox's "Dollhouse," CBS has canceled long-running Sunday night action-drama "The Unit" while NBC is putting an end to Thursday night comedy mainstay "My Name Is Earl."

But sources also say there's some silver lining: "Earl" studio 20th TV is talking to Fox and ABC about possibly picking up the show.

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