Is the western movie dead?


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Personnaly, I am a big fan of western movies, and it saddens me to see the the genre in such a dry spell. So, I was wondering if anyone else here is a lover of westerns and your thoughts on it. Are westerns a thing of the past? Have they all been but given up on in favor a futuristic sci-fi movies?

I think the movement to space and futursitc movies is what hurt the western the most. It would seem poeple nowadays want to see epic battles done in spaceship, or a sci fi story featuring unseen weapons and gadgets. What is everyone's take on this?

If you do enjoy the western genre, feel free to discuss some of your favorites,

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I really enjoy a good Western, so I'm sad to see Hollywood making fewer and fewer as the years go by. One could argue that some sci-fi films are nothing more Westerns set in space or the future -- with lone men exploring the vast unknown, righting a wrong, hunting bounties, etc. In fact, I, Robot is the perfect example. Smith (the sheriff) investigates a murder, and hunts his man (a robot). Yet he finds a deeper conspiracy and has to stop it before the black hat wearing posse (an onslaught of robots) arrives to wreck some shit.

And while sci-fi might be replacing the Western, there's something appealing about seeing the lone cowboy ride the dusty trail rather than explore the stars.

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