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These are early estimates, of course, but it looks like Paranormal Activity kicked the shit out of Saw VI!

Paranormal Activity: $22 million (fifth week total, second week with a wide release)

Saw VI: $14.8 million (first week)

Where the Wild Things Are: $14.4 million (second week)

Law Abiding Citizen: $12.7 million (second week)

Couples Retreat: $11.1 million (third week)

Astro Boy: $7 million (first week)

The Stepfather: $6.5 million (second week)

Cirque du Freak: $6.4 million (first week)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: $5.6 million (sixth week)

Zombieland: $4.3 million (fourth week)

If these numbers pan out, this will be the worst opening for any movie in the Saw franchise:

Saw: $18.3 million

Saw II: $31.7 million

Saw III: $33.6 million

Saw IV: $31.7 million

Saw V: $30 million


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I'm going to see it later tonight. (I would be watching it now, but I need to finish this PowerPoint project that's due tomorrow morning first.)

Yeah. I can barely contain my excitement. But hey, at least I'm not going to give them any money. I'll buy a ticket for Couples Retreat or Zombieland and see Saw.

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God, was that ever dumb. Here's my biggest question at the moment (more will probably arise):

Why did the mother who was trapped with her son say angrily, "We're in here because of your father"??? Their father was a victim of William, the insurance guy. They try to swerve you at the end by revealing them as not being related to William, so her line, and the inflection therein, makes absolutely no sense.

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  • 3 months later...

OK, I got Saw 6 from Netflix and I just started watching the movie. Right away I'm irritated.

Oh, it's the evil bankers who are engaged in predatory loans. They must be punished.

Yep, let's totally forget about irresponsible government policies that encouraged those loans, and let's totally forget about the borrowers that didn't have the personal responsibility to take a loan they could actually afford. It's all the banks' fault, and only the banks' fault. Who wrote this script? Barney Frank? Chris Dodd?

I'm a politically active person and I have strong opinions on political issues. I keep those opinions off this site, because that's not what this is meant for. But it frankly honks me off that Lionsgate, right off the bat, is making a political statement in a horror movie and whaling on a favorite political scapegoat.

I'm not saying the banks were right. I'm not defending the predatory lending practices that went on. I'm as annoyed as anyone at the billions upon billions in bailout money they got, with the blessing of both political parties. What I'm saying is it's very annoying to have a very complicated situation that led to the 2008 meltdown of the financial system boiled down to "it's the bankers' fault" by a bunch of Hollywood producers.

I don't watch movies to get a political sermon. That's why I hated "The Day After Tomorrow." I watch movies to be entertained. (Or in the case of Saw VI, to be entertained by how terrible I expect this movie to be.) If I want a sermon, I will go to church.

OK, rant over.

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As a movie, Saw 6 was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. That wasn't hard to do, of course.

The new Jigsaw is truly evil and wants to hurt people for the sake of it, unlike the first Jigsaw who followed some sort of warped and perverted "moral" code. It was refreshing to see...

Jigsaw 2 get what was coming to him when Jigsaw 1's widow put him in the trap, even if he didn't die.

I wouldn't give this one an F, because it looks like they actually made an effort this time. Had they left the political propaganda out of it, I would give it a generous D+. With the completely inappropriate political propaganda and demonization of business, I give it a D-.

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