World War Z


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So the film is being made by Brad Pitt's Plan B and written by J Michael Straczynski. I really wondering what form this will all take, a straight rough documentary is a difficult sell for a film. Obviously the interview series as from the book would be dead cheap but two hours of talking heads? Not much incentive to see this over buying the audiobook, especially since the Audiobook is over 6 hours and even that is abridged.

I figure its going to be the story of the documentary maker himself, travelling the world in search of these stories. The ruined backdrop of the postwar earth would be a powerful visual if done right. I don't want flashbacks or visual accounts of the war itself, I only want to see what the documentary maker is seeing within this postwar narrative.

This is probably the most exciting adaptation in a long while or my money. It could be seminal for the genre, which usually resorts to some slapstick even at its most intense.

edit: Only just realised that the Audiobook cast is stacked, including the great man himself MARK HAMILL. Automatic BUY.

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Oh no, I loved the book. LOVED. I abhor the thought that they are going to fuck it over by making a movie out of it.

I dunno, google the early script reviews if you don't mind some little spoilers, the opinion seems to be pretty positive. Of course a lot happens between the script and the screen but I generally try to have high hopes. Its why I'm constantly disappointed.

Check out the audiobook, its awesome. Its one of those things really suited to a wide range of media adaptations.

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