Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas swag!


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As some of you may know, I'm the Multimedia Editor for, and every so often I receive free games. So when I saw the FedEx sticker that was left on my door Friday, I assumed it was another game. Possibly Doom 3, Spider-Man 2, or Fable -- all of which I've been told are coming my way. However, when the truck arrived just a few moments ago, I was a little surprised to find that the package was rather flimsy.

Not bothering to look at the return address, I opened the envelope and pulled out this sticker...


... and, better yet, this bandana!


How fucking cool is that?!

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Very Very cool.  Damn, you getting presents on my birthday, thats just not right.  :P

What gives? you've been here a month and you don't have over 1000 posts yet.

If we had a POTD award, that would be it.

Thank you much sir. What can I say, I tell it like i see it.

In fact, I think I got something now to fill my empty signature.

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