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Re: Seth Rogen - I don't think his films or jokes are funny.

I'm not into the "pot-head unmotivated average-joe makes crude jokes and lands hot chicks" thing. I think his films have become the definitive "All American" comedy movie to the 14-35 demographic, and it's fart-joke humor.

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To derail the thread's current, sacrilegious direction:

24, Lost and pretty much all the other "Big, serious, dramas" on the major networks. They're not that well written and the actors are boring, at best.

Agreed. TV is crap.

I only watch The Office on TV.

Weeds, 30 Rock and Dexter are DVD destinations for me too.

I've heard Battlestar Galactica was good too so I may give that a shot some time down the road.

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X-Files was that way in the beginning but got lost about halfway through and never recovered.

Lost is just fucking dumb. Yes, they are throwing things in with no hope of explaining anything. I had high hopes when Brian K. Vaughn took over but he's run it into the ground like he did with the last issue of Y the Last Man. The show is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Millenium was confusing for the sake of being confusing and it was awesome.

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Except they've already said exactly how long the show was going to last because they had the ending in mind. Granted, I'm not expecting a masterful finale with Vaughan at the helm, but it's kept my interest.

And I actually hate the X-Files. That show went nowhere.

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