I'm going to let you guys decide this.


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I'll keep this short, Viz is going to run the live-action Death Note II: The Last Name in theaters just like they did with the first one. I hated the first one as many may recall from my review, but often times the bad reviews are the best ones. So I leave this to my audience (at least those that are coming to the forums), do I watch and review this movie for Animezing Podcast, or do I keep my sanity?

Your choice.

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Come on now, you're just asking for this.

My girlfriend actually looked at the cover for the first Death Note movie yesterday, and showed a bit of interest. I just, sort of shrugged my shoulders and said "I heard it's pretty terrible". I honestly don't know a whole lot about it outside of the concept though.

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I actually liked the second movie much more than the first. The first is dull as all hell because it's a complete retread of the manga/anime, except in live action, so it's not as stylish or interesting. I did like the last half hour or so more, if only because it's something different, even if it is silly and contrived (then again, as good as it is, Death Note is often silly and contrived, haha).

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