Episode 63


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In this fanged episode of Dread Media, Desmond Reddick talks Dracula with the world's foremost authority and author of the academic book, Bram Stoker's Notes from Dracula: A Facsimile Edition, Robert Eighteen-Bisang. He then reviews Blood Wars and does a top five non-vampire vampire films list before DW suffers through a review of Countdown Vampires for the PlayStation. Desmond caps it all off with the most vehement and venom-filled review yet when he "discusses" the Halloween issue of Revolver Magazine. Tunes included: "Dracula's Tango" by Zombina and the Skeletones, "Fresh Blood" by Alice Cooper, "Drain the Blood" by The Distillers, "Bloodhsot" by Ghoultown, "Bloodrocuted" by Dethklok and "The Box" by Snot. [ 1:38:10 || 44.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia...admedia_063.mp3

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What I meant is that, if I'm the "angriest man on the internet", clearly, I'm somewhat of a hothead on the board as well, which is what I was referring to.

I'm fully aware I'm an emotionless slug on the podcast.

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There's, like, a hundred Jazzies on this lot! Why they can't make them more distingushable to tell them apart, I'll never know! I know I definitely parked it in 'A' lot. Or 'B'. Might have been 'G'. Wait, I forget, did we eat breakfast here today? Or was that last time? They overcharged us something awful. And I did not like that waitress' tone. And then we went to the vending machine and it said that the cola drink was going to be $1.50. That's outrageous! Cola drinks used to cost $.50 in my day! And we didn't need any 20 ounce bottles, either; we were perfectly happy with our 12 ounce cans. You don't even know how good you have things. In fact, if we wanted a cola drink, we had to interact with the clerk in residence. And he would put your drink into a bag and walk it out to your car for you. And he always wore a tie. Why aren't you wearing a tie? You people, with your hippity-hop jeans and the earrings in your faces. What was I talking about?

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