Street Fighter Anniversary Collection


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So, I picked this up on Monday for 28 bucks, and to be honest, I feel under-whelmed. Maybe I was just spoiled after the great job Capcom did with the Mega Man collection, but with this one, I can't help but feel dissapoinment.

In the set you get two games, SF 3: 3rd strike and Hyper SF2, a game that has the characters from SF2 and allow you to pick different versions of them. I feel that had they added just two games, this would have been a great set. If it had:

Street Fighter- Seriously, how the HELL do you release an Anniversary Collection and not include the original that started it all?

Street Fighter Alpha 3- Aurguebly the best game of the Alpha series

Had these games been included this would feel more like a Anniversary set, they could have even added Street Fighter EX3 if they wanted to have one game from every series, but as it stands it seems incomplete.

Am I the only one that felt dissapointed with this collection?

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Atleast the Mega Man collection had all 8 main Mega Man games, this "collection" doesn't even have the original. I think that's what sours me the most, that an anniversary collection doesn't even include the game that started the series.

Plus to leave out a version of an Alpha game or a version of an EX game just dissapointed me, as I was hoping, after reading that they added a version of SF3: 3rd strike, that they would have added atleast SF1 and SF Alpha3 at the end, but alas this collection is merely a collection of SF2 characters.

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Lucky you. I got SSII Hyper Fighting and the Animated movie. Not even Third Strike.

Not that I mind too much, because it's Street Fighter motherfucking II, but still.

My problem is that if it was released under the name Street Fighter 2, I would have no problem with whats included on the disk. However, to call something an aniversary collection, and to only include 2 games just led me to be dissapointed. I love playing SF2 again, and SF3: 3rd strike is the best version of SF3, however, I was just hoping there would be atleast one version of each SF series; SF1, SF2, SF Alpha 3, SF EX3, SF3: 3rd Strike. I just feel that as it is now, I was underwhelmed at this so-called Anniversary Collection.

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