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Columbia Pictures has refashioned its new version of the 1984 hit The Karate Kid as a star vehicle for Jaden Smith, reports Variety.

The film will be produced by Jerry Weintraub (who launched the original franchise) and Overbrook Entertainment's James Lassiter, Jaden's father Will Smith and Ken Stovitz.

The script is being written by Chris Murphy, and the film will shoot next year in Beijing and other cities. While the new film will be set in that exotic locale, it will borrow elements of the original plot, wherein a bullied youth learns to stand up for himself with the help of an eccentric mentor.

The younger Smith, who next stars in The Day the Earth Stood Still, is a martial arts practitioner.

Boo. The only way I'd watch this was if Mr. Miagi's character was played by Samuel L. Jackson.

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However, I don't want to see a child fight other kids or teens. There's nothing appealing about watching a preteen getting his ass kicked.


How about:

There's nothing more appealing than watching a preteen getting his ass kicked.

And now for social services to come and take me away.....

This will probably suck. I mean that film is 80's nostalgia, you can't take that away from me!

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The Karate Kid, directed by Harald Zwart (The Pink Panther 2), stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, and Taraji P. Henson. Smith plays Dre, a skateboarding video game buff who moves to China after his single mother is forced to go there for work. Unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully. Chan plays Mr. Han, a maintenance man who spots his black-eye and offers to teach him both martial arts and Chinese, so he can defend against all the kung-fu students. Sony is bringing The Karate Kid to theaters starting on June 11th, 2010 this summer.

It's surprisingly not as bad as I expected.

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Karate is Japanese. Not as popular in Panasia as one would think. In fact, it isn't even practised outside of japan and Korea. Kenpo would be much more likely.

I was going to say, this reeks of movie executives saying "they're all the same" when this issue was brought up. "They do kicking in fights right? Then who cares!"

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General audiences will not give a hoot about the martial art being depicted. Did you really care about the subtleties when you saw the first one as a kid? I didn't. I just got pumped when Ralph Macchio went into that crane stance.

My big complaint is the age of the kid and his enemies. Way to young. He looks, what? Twelve? He should be at least fifteen. Studios make the mistake of thinking the protagonists of these films should be the same age as the target audience. Wrong. I saw the original when I was twelve or thirteen and it was kind of a glimpse at how cool being a teenager was gonna be and even if I wasn't that cool I might get to learn martial arts, drive a neat car, be the hero and get the hot girl. Heady stuff. See, Lucas made this same mistake with Anakin in PHANTOM MENACE. Kid STAR WARS fans wanted a young jedi they could look up to, like Luke Skywalker, not someone they could relate to. Luke could drive and go into town by himself. Anakin still needed his mommy. He could hardly see over the dash of his speeder. Lame.

The villains in this new KARATE KID are too young as well. The fights in the trailer look like schoolyard dust ups that any adult could step in and stop. Compare that with the scene in the original outside the Halloween dance where Danny gets the shit kicked out of him. To my young eyes those guys looked big and crazy and dangerous. They represented what was scary about becoming a teenager. And that's what that movie was really about. Growing up, becoming confident, standing up for yourself in an adult world with honor and then reaping the adult benefits; The car, the girl and the accolades.

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Exactly. When preteens kiss in the movies it's cute and chaste and kind of embarrassing for everyone involved. When teenagers kiss in the movies it's a right of passage into a more adult world. A promise that there may be more to come once our girl gets her hero behind closed doors. Not that I was sure what exactly happened behind closed doors at the age I saw this movie but I liked the idea of a teenage Elisabeth Shue wanting to kiss me all the time. Hubba, hubba.

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Yeah that ass in Animal House made the film :)

A friend of mine had "Your the best" as his mobile phone ring once, that was awesome. And funnily enough that actually wasn't the official theme song of the movie. Power of Love or some shit like that was....

To quote Graham Kennedy, "Nil Interest" in seeing this movie.

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