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I literally yelled "HOLY SHIT!!!" when I first saw Earthmover. I mean, my God, that puts the new Scarecrow design from Gotham Knights to shame. Wow.

I think the only episode of World's Finest Podcast that can contend with the number of appallingly bad episodes this one covered was Episode 8 when we reviewed: "Moon of the Wolf", "Joker's Wild", "Tyger, Tyger", "Day of the Samurai", and "Terror in the Sky". But some of those episodes were simply mediocre, while nearly every episode this time around was just disgustingly bad.

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Hey Mike and James. This is Kody from the Oratory forums. The Dark Knight restored my interest in Batman, so I've been watching B:TAS and listening to World's Finest Podcast over the last couple of months. I bought all three seasons of Batman Beyond on sale at Bestbuy the other day for $45 (originally would have been $90!).

I didn't hate this batch of episodes, but they were really blah. I like the Inque character, the Earth Mover looked terrifying, and "Splicers" was kind of funny in a bad way, but the everything else was just there. I realized "Joyride" was completely pointless five minutes in, and was miserable for the rest of that episode, waiting for it to end.

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I'm fully on favor of a South Park podcast. Put your life on hold James, this needs to be made.

A South Park podcast??? Wow, you really want to hold onto the Explicit monniker on your downloads don't you. "Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker!!!!" LOL

In fairness, that's the movie, where they could openly swear pretty easily. A South Park podcast would be so very awesome! I'm a bit fuzzy on my early series but 4-5 onwards are just fantastic with a few sub par episodes here or there.

As for WFP, I like both of the episodes that end Season 1 of BB - Inqueling for the reasons James mentioned, and Ascension just because it was a seminal event in the universe. Admittedly, it wasn't pulled off at all well, but I can't help but mark a little for the bat-signal moment. But seriously, Blight really should've come back. I don't care if they were saving him for a later story (if that was their intention), they left it too late. As for the other episodes, I'm going to watch them tonight and see if I agree. None of them sound too promising, although I know I've seen Splicers before.

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Hey guys, great stuff but I have a complaint. You can't criticise the people in the episode for mispronouncing Chimera when you guys constistantly mangle the similarly mythical Golem. Its not Gollum, thats a fictional character from Lord of the Rings. A statue given the appearence of life is a GO-LEM. GO as in ready steady and LEM as in Lemmiwinks, the Gerbil King.

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I could swear I pronounced it "GO-lem", but maybe I'm wrong...

You were closer than Mike, I'll give you that.

Though I'm sure you're right, I wasn't the one who mentioned the mispronunciation of Chimera. In fact, I said I refused to say Chimera because I knew I'd mess it up. So that gives me a pass on screwing up Golem. :D

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Ecxellent episode as always, gentlemen. It's funny; I had missed out on the first few weeks of Batman Beyond and decided to give the show a chance. This was where I started off, and unsurprisingly, I didn't stick with the show for very long.

Pedantic sidenote re: the characters' hair: Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Jason Todd was actually blond. He dyed his hair black to look more like Dick.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

as stated in the vent thread I'm back..

very good episode

just a few thoughts:

the episode Ascension was the "season finale" episode of season 1 I know you guys go by production date but it was meant to be the season 1 ender.

On one of the DVD set "roundtables" with the creators Bruce Timm says that Season 2 they wanted to make it even more about Terry and the High School. He says that they ran the corporate villany into the ground in season 1.

Timm also says in the commentary for Splicers that it's one of his favorites and I think it was also said there that it had become a fan favorite.

Can't wait for the episode that has The Call 2 parter in it

can't really think of anything else great work guys

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I just cant wait to see Mad Stan, that guy was the bomb... (sorry for the bad pun i had to say it lol). But seriously that earth mover guy was creeeeeepy. it's too bad we couldn't have seen more of him. i also cant wait to hear the review for Batman Returns my all time favorite Christmas movie lol. :laugh:

When life gives you lemons , Make apple juice

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