Street Fighter II: The Manga, volume one


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Street Fighter was a big part of my adolescence. I guess that's sort of a required statement these days for anyone that wishes to portray themselves as a hardcore fighting game fan, but I was on a completely different level. I became one of those guys. You know the type: the guy so obsessed with becoming an invincible fighting machine that he prints pages of frame data looking for that extra edge. The kind of fanatic that knows what 2LK2LK236MP means, and spends his free time writing fan fiction about Akuma and Gouken fighting on an astral plane surrounded by spirit dragons. (Mine was called "Blood of the Demon" for the record. It involved Akuma punching a mountain at one point. Yes, it was awesome.)

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Thanks. Unfortunately, my fanfic was lost to time along with a lot of my other writing when my hard drive got wiped about six months ago. It was somewhere around 40 pages, but I never finished it.

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