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As the blurb on the front page states, this week will honor the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who by celebrating Doctor Who Week! Here's what you can expect:

- In Dread Media 64 I discuss the top five scariest episodes of the modern series.

- Then in The Show 283 Dan and I review Doctor Who Classics, volume one by IDW.

- From Tuesday to Friday we'll publish Dan Toland's mammoth four-part article entitled Inside the TARDIS.

- Though it isn't anime, I'll review the animated episode "The Infinite Quest" in Animezing Podcast 17.

- The Show 284 is a look at Steven Moffat's contributions to the modern program.

- And capping off the week, our newest podcast, Bigger on the Inside, will launch this Sunday!

No matter if you're a hardcore Doctor Who fan or someone who's first being introduced to the series through our weeklong event, I know you're going to love Doctor Who Week!

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While cool, let's hope this doesn't start a trend of theme weeks, only because I reckon it would only be a matter of time before Mike decides we should all celebrate "Cartoon Booby Week".

Well there goes what I had planned for early February. :grumble:

Seriously, though I'm a fan of themed weeks, we've only had a few because they're a pain to put together, so don't count on Doctor Who Week opening a floodgate.

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True story, before my hard drive got wiped, I was in the process of doing a piece on hentai/eroge games and the sheer history of weirdness that has resulted. I might have to start that up again some day.

On topic. Doctor Who, I've never seen it but... woot! New podcast!

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I have never seen, read or heard anything Doctor Who. Nothing. I couldn't even tell you what the basic plot is.

So...where should I start, pray tell?

Start with the first season of the modern program. So far there have only been four seasons and a handful of specials. If you're looking for a Best Of... however, try these:

Season One

- Dalek

- The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

- Bad Wolf / The Parting of Ways

Season Two

- The Girl in the Fireplace

- Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

Season Three

- The Shakespeare Code

- Human Nature / The Family of Blood

- Blink

Season Four

- The Doctor's Daughter

- The Unicorn and the Wasp

- Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

- Midnight

- The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

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Well, there's a metric shit-ton of info getting dumped on the website this week, for starters. :wacko:

I figured that kinda went without saying... :unsure:

But, I have no idea what TARDIS is, so...yeah...

It's the Doctor's time machine. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space.

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Well, there's a metric shit-ton of info getting dumped on the website this week, for starters. :wacko:

I figured that kinda went without saying... :unsure:

But, I have no idea what TARDIS is, so...yeah...

TARDIS- Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. Its a disguised spacecraft/time machine that takes The Doctor wherever and whenever he needs to go. He keeps it in the form of an old British police box, possible due to personal taste an possibly due to it being a malfunctioning piece of crap that can no longer take on multiple forms. It regularly malfunctions, generally taking The Doctor straight into his next adventure. Oh, and its much bigger on the inside.

The Doctor- A Time Lord. Time Lords are an ancient race from the Planet Gallifrey. The have limited extrasensory perception, telepathic sensitivity and they can regenerate their form 12 times (13 incarnations in all). This ability has allowed The Doctor to die and be reborn as a new person ten times so far. The Doctor usually travels with a companion, usually a human, often a twenty-something female. The Doctor himself is a eccentric genius, he basically enjoys showing off for less developed life forms (humans) and whenever he encounters an intelligence to rival his own its usually malevolent.

Couple of updates on the top bad guys

The Master- Evil Time Lord. Moriarty to The Doctor's Sherlock Holmes. Usually possesses a wicked goatee but its not essential.

The Daleks- Space nazis. Born of a bitter civil war on the planet Skaro, the Daleks are genetically engineered to be killing machines. They lack any emotion outside of the ability to hate, and desire only to exterminate all non Dalek life in the galaxy. Created by Davros, an ancient evil scientist who is one of The Doctors most brilliant foes.

The Cybermen- Create thousands of years ago on Earths twin planet of Mondas. When earth shared a binary orbital pattern with Mondos thier civilisations developed far faster than our own. However Mondas was thrown from its orbit and careened outward through the solar system. Eventually in order to eliminate imperfections in order to survive the Mondosians became/were turned into the immortal Cybermen, humanoid bodies cybernetically augmented and mentally altered. Several variants exists, the Mondosians, the Telosians (divergent group that settled on the suns 10th planet) and the most recent versions created on a parallel earth.

The best place to start? You can try out the modern Who series strting with Christopher Tennant, but to be honest the very best Dr Who ever created was Genesis of the Daleks. The Doctor and two companions are sent back in time to the civil war that created his greatest foe. Can they stop the events that led to the Daleks being born? The sets are rickety and its by no means high-budget but the scripting and performances are superb. The underlying morality of destroying an entire race is a theme that continues right through to the most modern episodes of Who.

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