Happy Birthday Jiminy Crick91!


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Guest DCAUFan1051
On an unrelated note, it's also Tracey "Bob The Goon" Walter's birthday today!

WHAT???!! holy crap I remember Bob the Goon but never knew who played him I think the only other 2 tv/film things I've seen him in was Nash Bridges and the movie How High.

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Thanks everyone. I did not see this until today, because yesterday after school I had play practice then I went out. This was a grand surprise to see a thread all about me ...and Bob The Goon. :P It really was a great Birthday. :)

Side note: I can't go on Earth-2 at school because it's blocked for a gambling reason....god knowth why. I thought It was kinda funny.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
That's odd. I can see the sight being blocked for language, but gambling...?

I believe this issue has come up before on the forums or you guys might have mentioned it in an email on WFP. That's very weird though.

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