Episode 285


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Wait, I actually got Nightwing, and I think Des hated it.....

Ooooo someones getting some pretty hurtful hate filled e-mails later :rolleyes:

Don't take it personally. Des hates comics.

I spend a shitload of money fostering that hatred.

Seriously, I love comics. As an artform and as a means of conveying information. I just really hate the bad ones. Especially bad ones by people who've proven month in and month out to be top notch creators.

I hate comics.

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I've actually been picking up Brit since the current series started due to its tie in with Invincible and the great standalone specials that occured before. I have to say that I've been close to dropping it a few times just because the current writer doesn't really have a handle on the character and the sort of stories he should be part of. That being said I thought this was a much stronger installment and with the series wrapping up at 12 I think I'll have to finish it out just to see what becomes of the characters, in particular Donald.

Pretty much the same deal with GA/BC. I was very close to dropping it early on just because it failed to offer a lot of the darker setting that the Green Arrow comic used to involve, but the odd decent issue kept me involved. With Winick leaving I have to say I'm pretty much done with the book for now. If the reviews are good I'll get the subsequent stuff in trades.

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