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I'm having a bit of messed up recurring dream these last three nights. Actually, its not so much recurring as serialized, its an ongoing story. Basically its a zombie outbreak, and I'm trying to keep everyone alive and realizing just how little my prior plans are helping me. I don't feel like any kind of asset to our survival. When I finally stand up and try to take down a zombie outside our home it takes an incredibly painfully long time, and I don't realize its a quisling (human so messed up they think they are a zombie) until the pool cue is through their eye and in their brain. It takes a depressingly long time to put them out of their misery after that and I just fall apart after its done.

The next night it continued with me trying to rescue my mum and stepdad, mostly it dealt with the idea that the general public were actually able to contain the outbreaks themselves with a little government instruction, so my mum's actually fine. I get there and all of a sudden everything goes to hell and we have to leave the city.

Last night was the most messed up. We are living in a sort of tented shantytown trying to turn it into a permanent community. We fend off the occasional zombie and then the Klingons invade, charging through the town slaughtering everyone with their Bat'leths. My brother is a broken down wreck and they capture him, and refuse to free him under any circumstances. He's kept as a prisoner and constantly questioned about him involvement in the outbreak (?).

I'm both afraid and intrigued to see how it plays out tonight.

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I actually had my first zombie dream of note a few nights ago. It played out like a full trilogy beginning with outbreak and ending with the reconstruction. I did have a shotgun though. That was nice.

When I was a child, four years old, I had a recurring dream where I would jump from the top of a curving staircase and land safely at the bottom. I had it for months. Then we moved into a house with a similar staircase. I jumped and made it about two stairs before falling face first down the stairs incurring sixteen stitches and a nasty shoulder injury that still haunts me today.

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