Happy Thanksgiving!


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Guest DCAUFan1051

well my thanksgiving was very non traditional this year with my mom being sick and everything we didn't get a turkey this year I had waffles for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner lol Seeing as we're originally from Massachusetts all the family still lives up there we're the only two here in KY. But mom's going up to visit in December. I would have been going as well but there was not a family member's couch in sight that I could crash on. :fight:

Oh and something that might beat the turkey porn:

Turkey Game

after clicking the above link click start click double uzi shoot the bird then click farmstyle stuffing it's funny as hell

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I hope your mom gets better DCAU.

thanks... she thought it was just a cold for a few days but went into her Dr. low n behold she has phemonia. She usually gets bronchitius around this time every year it never fails. But with meds and rest she should be fine. :D

happy thanksgiving all. I think I'll watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving later on tonight... forgot to last nite was too busy working on the scripts for my podcast.

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