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Alright, three reasons my Kate shouldn't be Catwoman.

1) She's straight out declared that she's done with uber-sexy femme fatale roles.

2) She'd have to fake an American accent again, which should be an arrestable offense for any director that makes her do so.

3) I really hate Catwoman, and don't want to see her in another movie ever.

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Concerning the tuning fork, I saw the tuning fork being dropped to the floor just as very very very quick foreshadowing to the tuning fork building collapsing, didnt really see it as meaning more as you guys thought it was going to be

I see what you mean, but that seems a little too subtle to me.

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Rats!: Very funny review! This is one of those episodes that is really stupid, but I don't hate as much as I should. Is it just me, or do a lot of shows pull out the giant rats invade the city card? I can't remember any other instances off the top of my head, but it feels like I've seen it a hundred times.

Mind Games: I really liked this episode. One of my favorites from Batman Beyond so far. The psychic fat guy is really creepy and the fight between him and Batman is excellent.

Revenant: I think I'll take a bad episode like Rats over a really boring one like this. At least the bad episodes are fun to mock and make fun of. The Willy Watt character does nothing for me, and neither did the story in Revenant.

Babel: Pretty good. I like Shriek, and the sound gimmick is interesting. I liked seeing the civilian that Batman rescued (the guy in the crane accident) respond by hugging Batman. It's a genuine reaction that we don't see very much.

Terry's Friend Dates a Robot: This one was so dumb it was enjoyable. I knew it wasn't to be taken seriously as soon as I read the title. It's not that funny, but stupid little things like the robot blowing up the whole house makes me laugh.

I've noticed that it's hard for me to associate the Batman Beyond episodes with their titles. If you tell me a BTAS title, I can probably tell you what the episode was about, but these ones don't define the episodes very well.

Can't wait for the Batman Returns review. I saw it when it came out in 1992, when I was three years old. Of course, it really creeped me out, and the image of Penguin sinking to the bottom of the water stuck in my mind. I saw it the second time a few years ago before I got into Batman and liked it, not recognizing some of the camp and because adding a Christmas theme to anything will make me feel a little fonder for it. The last time I watched it was just a a couple of months ago, now realizing how little Batman is even in the movie and how bad it is to see Christopher Walken's character overshadow two staple Batman villains.

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Hey, all,

Oy. Haven't had time to post much - couple people at work had babies, so lots of extra work, plus all the Christmas preparations. I actually had to learn the Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas, so I could help coach my daughter for her Christmas program. The irony is that I now have the Hawaiian version more straight than the traditional - but then again, I know the words for "O Tannenbaum" better than "O Christmas Tree". Also had the father of one of my daughter's friends mention to me that his daughter sometimes runs around the house shouting "Wonder Girl" - apparently my daughter is spreading the words. She's quite the Themysciran ambassador (Well, she does want to be Wonder Woman when she grows up.)

In response to a) recent discussion of Catwoman casting and b) the fact that I was watching 10th season of SG-1 at the time, I did want to throw out Claudia Black as a thought. I wouldn't have nominated her after watching Farscape, but Vala Mal Doran made me think about it. I could see her as a Catwoman on the flirty side of seductive.

Some thoughts about the last batch of episodes -

"Rats!" is one of those where I can agree with most everything Mike and James said, but I still enjoy it. So it's a guilty pleasure.

"Mind Games" - I would disagree with the comment about mind over matter not allowing Invulnerable Man (which I believe was his character's name) to survive the fall. Clearly, we're talking here about more than people who can teach themselves to lower their blood pressure and relax at will - we're talking about true psychic powers. Look at the Connor Kent Superboy - as I understand the character, initially, he had low reserves of solar energy, and being only half Kryptonian, absorbed it more slowly than Superman. Most of his early powers, therefore, were actually telekinetic in origin - force field for invulnerability, TK to enhance strength, that sort of thing. Invulnerable Man could have been the same thing - a telekinetic with no range to speak of, so he uses his TK on his own body to enhance it.

I also liked the inside joke - Bombshell was voiced by former Charlie's Angel (and Mrs. King) Kate Jackson.

That scene where Terry checks on Matt is really strong for me. I see kids sometimes who have bad things happen to them, and when I do, when I get home, that's usually what I do that night. I hug my daughter tight, and when I check on her after she falls asleep, I promise myself that no-one will ever do that sort of thing to her. It's very much a parental response, and it says a lot in very little time about Terry and Matt.

"Revenant" - Not a bad episode, but not a great one. I did like the fact that since they brought Willie back, they both decided to go in a different direction with him, and made it a direction that flowed from the first episode. As to why he's getting out already - a) it's Gotham, and b) it's Juvie Hall, not Arkham or Blackgate. For all we know, Willie may be 18 and about to be released because he's no longer a juvenile.

That's about all I have to say. Merry Christmas, everyone (or Mele Kalikimaka, if you prefer)


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Some notes:

-You said revenant right the first time.

-I totally thought Akira during the Mind Games fight

-Loved the sound design even better on Bable than I did on Shriek. The one thing that bugged me about the episode, besides feeling uncomfortable at the amount of pleasure the creep was getting out of the tuning fork, was the fact that he mentions that he needs the helmet to hear but is still hearing when he takes it off with his hearing aids! Hearing aids!

-No mention of Max Brooks besides the name? The man who voiced Howard is none other than Mel Brooks' son and author of World War Z.

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-No mention of Max Brooks besides the name? The man who voiced Howard is none other than Mel Brooks' son and author of World War Z.

Max Brooks is such a common name, I didn't even think it might be him. :doh:

Howard comes back in Batman Beyond, so I'll try to mention it then.

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