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This is a test administered to kids in the UK for decades in order to determine what level of school they'd be sent to back in the day when we had a lot of Grammer schools. The BBC just put a sample test up and I got 11/15. Now perhaps if I'd prepared my mind rather than doing it on the fly I'd have got a couple more but given the 10 minute time limit I really think I'd miss a couple of them after looking at the correct solution. My mind appears to have degraded somewhat since school (no surprise there).

Do you dare take the 11 Plus exam?

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13/15. And I took 4 minutes trying to understand what the first question was asking me! :shocked:

I kept reading and re-reading the questions to absorb them, it just wasn't happening. I'm not used to needing to comprehend what I'm reading, if that makes sense.

Look if you're all going to prove to be smarter than me then we need a different measuring stick. One I can hit you with preferably. I've got an IQ between 129-133 if that helps (although that is the lowest in my immediate family. I still say my mum cheated to get 146, she's a Daily Mail reader for gods sake!).

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