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I just came up with this idea talking to Preston on AIM.

Pick a movie/TV show and recast it, the only catch is that you have to use Earth-2 staff members and forumites to fill the roles.

I'll start.

Revenge of the Nerds

Lewis Skolnick - Mike

Gilbert Lowell - James

Dudley "Booger" Dawson - Des

Arnold Poindexter - Drq (for the crazy hair)

Lamar Latrell - Suavestar

Harold Wormser - Me, I guess.

Toshiro Takashi - Ian (he's foreign, close enough :happy:)

Stan Gable - Stavros (doesn't have the hair, but I think he has the capacity for evil)

Ogre - Preston

Coach Harris - DCAUFan

Dean Ulich - Dan

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Doctor Who

The (first) Doctor: Dan (The wise gentleman.)

Susan: Erin (The spunky young girl.)

Ian: Ian (Either because he's "covered in awesome," or because the name matches. You decide.)

Barbara: me ('Cause I'd scream if I saw a Dalek... scream with glee!)

Daleks: Those stupid spambots (The Daleks are cooler, of course, but they're both evil~!)

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Never seen Tombstone, but I'm going to assume Johnny Ringo's a bad guy.

You assume correctly.

And what the hell is wrong with you, Dubs? You haven't seen Tombstone?! For chrissakes, man!

Yeah. I know. I missed out on a lot of good movies that I've never gotten around to.

You have to remember that I'm the guy that literally watched nothing but horror movies the entirety of 2006.

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Chief Brody - Desmond Doomsday

Matt Hooper - James Deaux IV

Quint - Ian Wilson

Mayor Vaughn - Michael Sims

Mike Brody - Suavestar

Deputy Hendrix - D.W.

Ben Gardner - Dan Toland

Sean Brody - The Joker's Groupie

Ellen Brody - Selina Kyle

Chrissy Watkins - Erin B.

Alex Kitner - Kellen Scrivens

Ms. Kitner - Jenny Seay

Tom Cassidy - Stavros

Charlie - The Other George W.

Harry - Tim Glancy

Bruce - Preston Nelson

Estuary Victim - Pro Wrestling Fanatic

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My pick... Casablanca

Rick Blaine: James

Ilsa Lund: Me (Ilsa should have stayed with Rick at the end of the movie)

Victor Laszlo: Ian

Sam: Des

Captain Louis Renault: Mike (It's a beautiful friendship)

Major Strasser: D.W.

Signor Ferrari: Dan

The Various Bar Patrons, Street Vendors, etc: The Members of

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