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My office just took live our 2008 Holiday greeting card, something that I've been working on almost exclusively for the last month. It gave me an opportunity to dust off my illustration chops and tie it into something fun and interactive, and I think the finished product is a lot of fun. I dropped in a few little surprises for fellow comic book / wrestling fans...

Check it out here

</shill> :D

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That's cool, Sean, but is there a glitch? Whenever I click on an item in the side panel, it disappears. To get it back, you have to click the "next page" option. Also, something's wrong with the eye patch. Unless the snowman is wearing a hat, the patch removes itself.

HA! I just found Hogan's mustache! Oh! And the Joker's eyes and smile!


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Yeah, that's because the first few people who tried it out were dropping items back on the library and expecting them to go away when they finished the movie, so there were all these weird floating objects on the left and right side. We addressed it by just making them go to the trash if they're dropped on either toolbar.

It's still a little clunky, admittedly. ;)

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