Final Fantasy X and X-2


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I think they're both fun in their own right. FFX had a great battle system, and a fun story. My only real gripe with it is Tidus, funnily enough. I just didn't like him a whole lot as the lead character.

FFX-2 takes FFX and adds tons of cheese and "grl power". It also has my favourite FF battle system. I guess your enjoyment of it would probably hinge on how much you can stand all the silly stuff.

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FFX is pretty solid; it was the videogame my parents got me with my PS2. Good battle system, overall decent characters (even if I didn't like the leads), and a great plot.

FFX-2... the battle system's probably the fastest-paced in the series thus far, the newer characters are intriguing and the costumes are pretty. Otherwise? The returning characters all got a lobotomy, the plot is crap, and continuity is absolute bullshit (one character goes from sweet little kid to teenager in TWO YEARS).

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