Merry Christmas!

James D.

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Gawd damn, I was spoilt this Christmas. Between Rock Band (complete pack), Mirror's Edge, Left 4 Dead, Stan Lee's Amazing Marvel Universe, the complete Deadwood collection, a tool box, clothing and other smaller items, I'm all set for a good long time. I don't think I've ever recieved this much stuff before.

I hope everyone else enjoys themselves. A Merry Christmas to all.

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We celebrate a day of peace. A day of harmony. A day of joy we can all share together joyously. A day that takes us through the darkness. A day that leads us into might. A day that makes us want to celebrate the light. A day that brings the promise that one day, we'll be free to live, to laugh, to dream, to grow, to trust, to love, to be.


Happy Life Day, Everyone!

P.S.: I got a bottle of vodka.

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Seasons greetings everyone!

I got me a nice little stash, other than some cash & chocolate

- The Dark Knight on DVD

- A tailored shirt

- A scarf

- A novel from a Newsnight presenter, for whatever reason

- £15 to spend on iTunes

- £10 to spend at Boots

- And of course, Episode #293 of The Show! ;)

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Man, I made out like a bandit this year.

$200 from my grandmother and aunt

$100 Ticketmaster gift card

$100 Best Buy gift card

$30 Pac Sun gift card

13-month subscription card to X-Box Live

A new Lewis Carroll book

"Mr. Whitekeys' Alaska Bizarre" - a book of weird Alaska stuff (<3 Erin)

A new watch from Fossil

A new hoodie

Several shirts

Pillsbury Doughboy designed sleep shorts that say "Just Dough It" :yes:

And my birthday is Wednesday. :D

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Much better than last year:

-New DVD player and surround sound system 6:1. A Samsung upconverting wireless system. Something to tide me over before I buy into Blu-Ray

-Gotham KNight

-Essential Human Torch

-Essential Avengers vol 2

-some Amazon cash

-14 year old whiskey from the Orkney Islands

-my brother-in-law has someone who may be able to fix my iPOd for chump change

-an Executive charging dock. Sweet.

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Like Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (#293 shill!), A Christmas Story is another one of those things that hasn't translated over to the British Isles.

I kind of wish at times that were the case here in North America. It's a great movie (and I'm very glad that though my mother hates it they finally got me a copy this year) but it's not the greatest. It's like the Nightmare Before Christmas of adulthood, great but still overrated.

I may post other things I got but for now I'm just going to see what I DO have (I'm 17 and still get a rather large load...hmm...haul?). One thing I was really excited about was the 007 boxed set with all 21 EON films that are on DVD. This means I can really listen to For Your Ears Only properly..... and my sister now has her own copy of Casino Royale (Thanks to that being the only one I had before and yet still in the boxed set)! Hooray! :happy:

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Had interesting day out at Grandma's.

Got from the extended family:

-The Dark Knight

-A nice watch from my cousin (who has surprisingly good taste!)

-Shea butter and fuzzy socks

-A pair of earrings

-Some socks

-$45 worth of gift cards to Target

Also got:

-A huge fight between my grandmother and father and mother, which we got drawn into, over religion

-Ensuing stress and fun times.

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