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I honestly couldn't find the original thread (I'm sure there was one) so I started this. Merge as required.

I got the DVD. The musical commentary eclipses the songs in the actual show. "Better (Than Neil)" and "Ten Dollar Solo" are two of the best, although the whole thing is pretty damn cool and tightly scripted from beginning to end.

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Starvos, do you know which applicant videos made it onto the DVD? (They had this whole make a video application for the Evil League of Evil contest for the DVD, I'm interested to see who made it through.)

Thats the only thing I haven't watched in full. Mr Terrible is the first one.

My favorite song is So They Say.

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Great news - it looks like Joss and co are working on a sequel

That URL is broken, FYI. :(

But here ya go; I fixed it. :)


And it sounds great, even though he really didn't say anything beyond "we're working on it and we're really excited."

He looked/sounded much more excited than I've seen him in most interviews, so this is a good sign.

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Thanks Knightwing! I'm used to a different type of message board, and I had trouble working out how to post a link here :blush:

Yeah, he doesn't say a huge amount, but it's great to know that they're thinking of it as more than a one-shot.

No problem. :)

Yeah, I remember hearing last year about how they were going to have a comic series based on Moist; that might be fun.

Nathan Fillion is looking forward to perhaps playing a darker version of Hammer in the sequel as well, though that was only his personal idea. I think Joss would likely turn Hammer from a self-obsessed moron into a more responsible character, somewhat like how Cordelia changed in Buffy/Angel.

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They've been talking about a sequel for months, really.

I'm kind of eh about a sequel. Lightning rarely strikes twice, and I don't really see what else they could do with it, plot-wise, that doesn't sound like a bad fanfiction.

On the other hand, if they can come up with a good plot and songs, then I'd probably watch it.

I just worry. It's such a tight, well done package. A sequel might hurt things. I mean, I hope it's good.

Also, just found a rip of Commentary! the Musical online, downloading now.

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